“Jane the Virgin” recap (2.13): Synchronicity

Previously on Jane the Virgin, Xiomara and Rogelio called is off because Xio doesn’t want any more rugrats, Petra and Jane had a come to Jesus moment, Michael professed his love for Jane BECAUSE Rose is dead. Dead. I still don’t believe it. What will become of our beloved Luisa?

Now that Michael and Jane are able to finally reunite (which I am totes rooting for), they stay up all night talking and making out. If my heart weren’t so heavy about Rose, I’d be cheering right now.


Of course, there’s the little issue of Rafael, who isn’t going to be thrilled about this reunion. Michael is ready to apologize for the whole punching him thing, but Jane wants to tell him first. Sounds mature. Also mature? Xio and Abuela adorably watching Jane and Michael from the window. Guess that secret it out. Abuela is so Team Michael.

Rogelio and Xiomara may have broken up a mere day before, but they are trying to be super lesbian about it and be friends right away. Thankfully, there are no cat custody issues to deal with. Rogelio has a new assistant named Paola, who he thinks is the bee’s knees. Obviously, she’s going to turn out to be psychotic.

Things at the Marbella are not going so well. Someone made a fake video showing the hotel as a murder destination and whoever did it is a wiz with SEO. Petra, who is more pregnant than anyone has ever been on the planet, is hella pissed and not dealing with Rafael’s chill attitude about the whole thing. Petra is obsessed with preparing, and Rafael kindly mansplains that she’s nesting. Petra’s reaction is all of ours.


While school on break, Jane returns to wait tables at the Marbella, and we are blessed with a guest appearance by Lena, who gives Jane the scoop on all the changes since she’s been gone. It’s all fun and games until their manager Scott (Rafael’s old assistant who spilled the beans about the Solanos to his duplicitous “journalist” boyfriend Wesley) comes over and accuses Lena of stealing liquor. Lena fires back and Scott retreats for the time being. Jane agrees to help Lena, who like any smart millennial, brings her own booze to work.

Ok, so let’s deal with some lesbian drama, shall we? Luisa helped nurse Barnett after being shot by Rose, her ex-girlfriend who is now DEAD. (Damn it all to hell!) Luisa, shattered by Rose’s death, has broken her sobriety and is now also nursing a bottle of vodka.