Floriana Lima plays a “lesbian lifestyle blogger” on ABC’s “The Family”

ABC’s new limited series The Family is mostly about the son who returns home after years of having gone missing and the mystery surrounding where he’s been. Adam’s reemergence is even more complicated by the fact his now-separated parents are public figures. The matriarch is a city Mayor (played by Joan Allen), the father (Rupert Graves) is an author banking off of his recovery from grief, and the next door neighbor, Hank (Andrew McCarthy), is in prison for the boy’s murder. Alison Pill and Zach Gilford are Adam’s older siblings, Willa and Danny, both having processed their loss in different ways. While Willa is her mom’s right-hand woman, deeply entrenched in politics and poised to help her run for governor, Danny drowns his sorrows in alcohol and threesomes. Oh, and the detective on the case, Nina Meyer (Margot Bingham), is romantically involved with Adam’s father.

But there’s also a character we meet in the pilot who is the local newspaper’s “lesbian lifestyle blogger,” Bridey Cruz, played by Floriana Lima (Allegiance).

FLORIANA LIMA photo by ABC/Bob D’Amico

We first meet Bridey in the newsroom where the local paper is trying to figure out how to best the cover Adam’s story. Her editor asks why she thinks she can get the Mayor to talk to her.  “You’re right, she won’t,” Bridey says. “But her son will.”

Cue the trope of the sexually fluid woman who will do anything to get what she wants. Bridey catches up with Danny at a bar, and immediately kisses him, reminding him they went to high school together. She gives him her number, knowing he will call. 


Back in the newsroom at the end of the episode, Bridey tells her editor she has some scoop the national media outlets don’t, hinting she’ll be heavily involved in the rest of the series as the story comes to light. 

We spoke with Floriana at the TCA party for ABC in January, where she told us what she could about her omnisexual character and what we can expect from Bridey in The Family.

AfterEllen.com: There’s a line in the pilot where you say you’re a lesbian lifestyle blogger. What does that mean for your character?

Floriana Lima: Well, OK, so when I first got this, Jenna Bans, the creator of the show, was like, “Your character’s omnisexual.” Omni means she’s cool; she doesn’t discriminate or whatever. I personally think she leans towards women, and you’re gonna see throughout the season that yeah, I can’t really tell you much.


AE: But she has relationships?

FL: She has relationships, and she uses these relationships to get ahead and try to further her career.


AE: It’s interesting to see a lesbian blogger character get assigned the biggest story in the newsroom. 

FL: Yeah, she’s tenacious, and she’ll do whatever. She’s like, “Look, I don’t care what I need to do, I’m getting the story.”


AE: What other ways does she do her job besides using her sexuality?

FL: She’s really sneaky. She does kind of—oh there’s something I can’t really tell you but she does have other ways. She gets connected personally with people. She becomes friends and then she asks for a favor.


AE: Does she have anyone in her life she has a legitimate relationship with? A genuine connection that’s not based on lies and sneaking?

FL: No. She’s definitely lonely, but she doesn’t care about that. She’s really out for personal gain at this point. She’s single; she’s open to many relationships. At this point, her career is number one.


AE: Who do you share the most scenes with?

FL: Well, I’m with Zach a lot and then I don’t know if I can—let’s see…


AE: The family?

FL: Yeah, the family. Parts of the family.


AE: Do they trust you?

FL: In the beginning there’s trust. It kind of fluctuates with all of our characters. You don’t know who to trust.

FLORIANA LIMAphoto by ABC/Jack Rowand

AE: It’s that kind of show.

FL: It’s that kind of show. You’re trying to figure out—even the viewer is wondering, “Should I trust these characters? Should I believe what they’re telling me?” Becuase then something happens and then two episodes down the line or something, it totally contradicts what just happened. It’s a past and present show, so they’re so much going on. I think what’s cool is the viewer will figure out their own conclusion. It’s interesting. … From pilot to finale, there’s so much that happens and so much that changes. It’s just such an entertaining show. I couldn’t put the finale down. I couldn’t put the pilot down. 


AE: Are you in every episode?

FL: Yeah!


AE: Well we look forward to recapping the show and any of your lady lip-locking.

FL: Awesome, there may be some of that happening. Hint hint! 


The Family premieres on ABC tomorrow night, March 3, at 9/8c.