“The Shannara Chronicles” recap (1.10): One with Nature

Previously on The Shannara Chronicles, our favorite Trio found Safehold, Eretria realized her blood was the key, so she used it to open the Bloodfire, and Amberle ran inside.

And the Bloodfire turned out to be the portal to a shiny beach.

Shannara 110-1“What Instagram filter is this?

A woman tells her that they’re out of time, and Amberle recognizes the voice as one she’s heard her entire life. And that’s because the voice is her own.

Shannara 110-2“I think I saw this episode of ‘Doctor Who.'”

She tells herself to face her destiny, and Amberle tries to give her Bloodfire counterpart the seed. But it turns out, she is the seed.

Still in the chapel, Wil yells at Eretria to wake up, because he can’t lose both of his girls at the same time. He cries and his elfstones glow. He presses them against Eretria’s chest and wishes with all his might. Eretria wakes up, confused and worried about Amberle.

Shannara 110-3 Not arms she was hoping to wake up in.

When Wil says that Amberle walked through the fire, Eretria knows she needs to open it again. She can barely stand, weak with blood loss, open wound in her hand, but for Amberle, she does it. She stumbles to her feet and puts the spire back in her wound. The fire opens up again, and Wil starts shouting for the elven princess.

Shiny!Amberle tells Amberle that her feelings will hold her back if she lets them, that the decision to sacrifice herself is hers and hers alone. Amberle freaks out, because she knows what this means, and she doesn’t want it. It’s like in Buffy‘s “Prophecy Girl”; Buffy wanted to quit being the slayer. She doesn’t want to die. Shiny!Amberle says that she has doomed us all and Amberle follows Wil’s voice off of Bloodfire Beach and into her lovers’ welcoming arms.

Shannara 110-4I know this is blurry, but LOVE IS BLURRY.

But the celebration can’t last long. The last leaf of the Ellcrys has fallen, and the demons are free.