“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.16): Somewhere off the coast of Maine

Previously on Rizzoli & Isles: Jane decides to move closer to Maura. Korsak proposed to Kiki. Jane worries Maura will be expecting a proposal soon, too.

You know how you can always tell when a show is shot on a studio lot or real setting? The streets and buildings are always too clean on a studio lot. No matter how much they try to scuff up the studio lot, it still just ends up looking like distressed furniture–an expensive replica of the real thing. Anyway, two dudes with guns have a shootout in an obviously fake Boston street, which will soon precipitate our Murder of the Week call to Jane and Maura.


Jane is having her morning coffee at Maura’s. I don’t even know why I type this anymore; it’s just a given. But this morning is a little different because Jane notices with concern that Maura is on her second–make that third–cup of coffee. Maura says she was up last night, and Mama Rizzoli asks if she was “working or dating?” Ewww, Mama R–please leave a little something to the imagination between your daughter and daughter-in-law.

Maura was working on a poem for her writing class. You see, Maura’s therapist recommended she express her inexpressible feelings about having to keep her relationship with Jane secret in rhyming couplets. Maura says she is “really struggling” with the assignment. Jane says to “keep it simple,” and offers up a naughty limerick. See, ladies, doing this sort of stuff in front of her is probably why Mama R doesn’t have proper boundaries about your relationship.


Maura sneezes and Mama R is on it right away. She starts preparing a home remedy involving orange peels and garlic cloves. Is this a real thing? As a person who is still recovering from a vicious bug that took me out for over a week, I can attest to the desperation that might cause a person to shove something weird like that into their ear. Maura complies because apparently we caught the same thing.

Jane is annoyed because this means her girlfriend won’t be able to hear her bickering as well. In fact, she won’t be able to hear anything as well. When the office does call with the M.o.t.W., Maura tries to answer with her signature “Isles.” But the phone is to her orangey-garlicky ear. Jane rolls her eyes because that’s what you do when your loved one is being a totally adorable dope.