“Just Jillian” recap (1.7): Minister Michaels

On this week’s episode of Just Jillian, Jillian comes home to find a huge scratch on her son Phoenix’s face, because another boy hit him at school. Like most parents, Jillian is not happy about this news (apparently this is not the first time her son has been hurt by another kid at school) and begins to lecture the two-year-old that next time someone hits him, he has her permission to hit them back. Heidi is not on board with this idea and Jillian tells a story about her childhood bully named Kim Tepper and how once Jillian went to karate and stood up to her, Kim never messed with her again. This story is clearly going right over Phoenix’s head—and I think Heidi’s too. Jillian promises Phoenix that she is going to take him back to karate in hopes he will learn how to defend himself.


Later, Jillian is given the daunting task of taste testing some food that is going to be in her new healthy grab-and-go meal line, Slim Soul. (I would love to sit around and try a bunch of food all day!) Jillian is mostly happy with the food she has tried, except one dish that does not sit well with her—but everyone else loves it. Of course, Jillian is not OK with being out-numbered and requests that the consumers are given a chance to try this meal to see what they think. Clearly her crew has no idea what good food tastes like.


Once the taste testing ends, Jillian needs to get ready to go to the PETA Awards with Heidi, where she is being given the Animals in Entertainment Award for her activism against animals being used in entertainment, such as elephants in the circus and whales at Sea World. Bravo, Jillian! She dedicates the award to all of her animals, which consists of about 30 total, thanks to Heidi.