“Rosewood” recap (1.11): Mother F-er

Rosewood is back, and although last night’s episode didn’t have as much TMI and Pippy action as we would like, there were some significant moments. I’m going to save us all the boring details of all the heterosexual events and relationships, of course, so we can focus on the real stars of the show: the lesbians.

While Rosie and Villa are out searching for a serial killer, TMI and Pippy can be found stuffing wedding invitations while discussing the fact that perhaps stuffing wedding invitations while there is a serial killer on the lose is not the best idea. Donna (Pippy and Rosie’s mom) tells the girls that it’s important to try and maintain some normalcy in spite of the killer and so, wedding planning must go on.

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As Pippy is looking over the invitations, she notices there is one addressed to TMI’s parents and is confused. In case you may have forgotten, TMI’s parents have completely shut her out of their lives because she is gay, and haven’t spoken to her in two years. Pippy asks TMI if she invited her parents and when TMI says she didn’t, Donna chimes in, saying she is the one who asked them. Donna thinks TMI will regret not having her parents there, and while TMI is grateful that she has such a caring mother-in-law to be, she isn’t sure what is worse: them not being invited or them being invited and refusing to come.

TMI rips up the invitation and excuses herself from the invitation stuffing party when Pippy jumps up and says she’s had enough of this and it going to talk to TMI’s parents and tell them how terrible they are being to their daughter. Donna tells Pippy she has every right to be upset but that talking to them while she is this angry isn’t going to help anything. While I understand that Donna is probably right (she usually is) I can appreciate the sweetness of Pippy wanting to stick up for her girl!

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While Pippy and TMI are helping Rosie in the lab, Donna takes matters into her own hands and finds TMI’s mother (who is played by Alysia Reiner, aka Fig on OITNB) sitting at a table with her friends at the local country club. Donna introduces herself to Mrs. Izikoff and asks if she can speak to her privately for a moment. She says no, so Donna is left with no choice but to sit down at the table and start talking in front of all of her friends.

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She basically tells them that she and Mrs. Izikoff’s daughters are going to be married and that she is seriously screwing up with her daughter. TMI doesn’t need her to be perfect; she just needs her to show up. Donna is interrupted by a phone call and says, “Oh look, it’s my LESBIAN daughter calling,” then gets up and leaves. Don’t mess with Donna; she will always win.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.43.55 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.27.35 PM

I have high hopes that this is just the beginning of the rebuilding of the relationship between TMI and her mother, not to mention an epic wedding to look forward to!