Exclusive: Jason Rothenberg on tonight’s gamechanging episode of “The 100”

As promised, here’s one final question/answer from our chat with The 100 Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg. It contains major spoilers for episode 307, so make sure you’re all caught up before reading on!  


AfterEllen: What’s your favorite thing about Season 3 that’s different from the past two seasons?

Jason Rothenberg: I love the story that we’re telling this season. I love everything that’s happening in Polis, I love the way these two worlds, these two stories we’ve been telling, in this episode in particular, everything starts to make sense, and we realize that everything is connected, and has been almost for a hundred years. And those are the things that I love so much about the story we’re telling and the way we’re telling it this year.

The ending of episode seven is something that, when I thought of that idea, I sat down with a few of the writers on the show and I said to them, “You guys I just had an idea that is either the most ridiculous, shark-jumping idea of all time and I will be done with the show and they’ll fire me, or it’s brilliant.” And I don’t know if it’s brilliant or not, but I don’t think it’s the other thing either. It was a really exciting creative moment when I thought of the technological reincarnation and the idea that the second AI was going to come out of Lexa and that we were going to then sort of validate the Grounder mythology of reincarnation and connect the two worlds of the show in such a big way.


You can see now why we couldn’t put that in with the interview before the episode aired! I also think you’ll now understand why I didn’t ask anything about the future of Clexa. I had to dance around spoilers like a ballerina!

Stay tuned for my recap of 307, but feel free to start spilling your #LadyKru feelings in the comments.