“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.4) Lavender, everwhere

I never thought I’d say this, but I think Grey’s Anatomy has the happiest queer ladies on television right now. These are people who have gone through windshields, airplane crashes, infidelity, divorce and countless other horrors. These are literally the happiest queer women right now. We were doing so well last year, TV!

Last week we didn’t recap the show since it was an April and Jackson focused episode, but here’s what you need to know: April signed the divorce papers and she’s also preggers. Ain’t that a rub. So let’s tackle this episode that has Arizona vividly describing her sexual conquests and lots and lots of blood.

Meredith and Amelia’s connections to the past

In Owen and Amelia news, they are still visiting Pound Town together. Amelia is 60 days sober and things are looking up, especially in the orgasm department. Bless her heart. 

Meanwhile, Meredith walks in on her residents assing off in the cadaver room and rightfully lectures them about respecting the bodies they are privileged enough to learn on. I love teacher Meredith. It suits her.


Because of all the orgasms, I’m guessing, Amelia is in a great mood. She finds a bored Stephanie who is getting tired of all the aneurysm clippings they’ve been doing lately. She wants a big brain fish. Amelia promised her take lead on the next aneurysm that comes in, which brings a big smile to Steph’s face.  


A big fish is about to walk through the door indeed, and it’s a familiar fish, too. The patient is Katie Bryce, a young woman who was a patient of Derek’s and managed to sort of torture Meredith on her first day of work in the hospital. Katy isn’t pleased when she sees Amelia, since she’s waiting for the other Dr. Shepherd. Someone get her a cookie and a box of tissues. Both Katie and Meredith are surprised to see one another. Well, Katie is just surprised that Meredith didn’t get canned after her first day.


Katie is now a gymnastics instructor and pretty pissed that her brain is not cooperating. Meredith insists on being kept in the loop on Katie’s progress since she feels a connection to the long-ago patient. Also, it was her first patient with Derek. Conceal don’t feel, Piccoli. OK, I’m good.

Meredith moves on to her patient, Daphne, who is being discharged after finally being cancer-free. Daphne, who is in her 40s, is about to graduate college and make a new life for herself with a clean slate of health. Well, that was until Meredith went to take out her chest port and she started gushing blood. She’s not the only one in danger: Katie Bryce has an aneurysm the size of a golf ball in her head.