“Black Sails” recap (3.07): Rebuilding bridges

Previously on Black Sails, Eleanor went from prisoner to…well, just better taken care of prisoner but also trusted advisor; Max found out that Jack warned Anne to hide the gold she promised Rogers; Silver and Princess Madi bonded on Maroon Island; and Flint convinced Vane to join his mission to take back Nassau.

We open in the middle of nowhere, where Max is waiting for Anne.

Black Sails 307-1Not looking forward to saying goodbye again.

Max promises she’s alone and explains that the Spanish Intelligence needs the cash back or it will level Nassau. Anne doesn’t give a parrot’s ass about Rogers and his plan to civilize the island, but Max says she should, because they have Jack.
Anne says, “Fuck you,” because she knows Max would have opened with that if she wasn’t trying to use it to manipulate her. And for being the mouthpiece for the enemy.

Black Sails 307-2I liked the first goodbye better.

Max promises that Jack will go free if she gives over the treasure.

Max goes back to Rogers and says she convinced Anne to give back the cash. I mean, she didn’t technically agree to it, but Max knows that the thought of Jack being tortured will convince her. It might take time, but she’ll give in. Rogers isn’t sure if that’s enough, and asks how Max could be so sure, but Eleanor cuts him off and says she just knows.

Black Sails 307-3All too well.

The more time they spend together, the more in sync they get, and it sets my skin on fire.