“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (5.14): Follow the Yellow Trick Road

Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of “Lost Girl.” Read the full episode recap here.

Welcome to your final dream/fantasy/coma sequence of the Lost Girl series. Bo has had a pretty good/weird/really weird run with these. Remember when she dream made out with herself? Or when she had a Dawning fantasy about Dyson getting her pregnant? Or when she took a trip into the wolf’s subconscious and turned Lauren into a sexy French cabaret singer? Ah, the memories.

So Bo wakes up in the wonderful world of Fae-Oz. It’s a black-and-white universe where only Bo’s red gingham dress and pigtail bows makes a splash. Everyone has made like a tree and gotten the fuck out, except for aspiring real estate magnet Tamsin/Thomasina. Before this election cycle, I made a joke about her being a mini-Trump. Now, of course, I know better and would only use such a heinous insult on my most fascist of enemies.


Tamsin/Thomasina tells Bo everyone has left town because of the arrival of the Pyrippus. Holy crap, was this whole episode an unwitting allegory about what could happen if Trump actually gets elected? So they set off together to see the Maestro, who depending on your personal leanings, will be either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Though, I hope we can at least agree that either one is so, so, so much better than letting a winged, fire-breathing devil run our country.

Back in the real, full-color world, Tamsin is still pregnant, Trick is still dead, and Bo is still in a coma. Lauren is worried about the possible demon spawn/bundle of joy growing very rapidly in Tamsin’s tummy. There’s discussion of the nature of loneliness, and then back in Fae-Oz Bo and Business Tamsin follow the red brick road together.


Along the way they run into a Cowardly Lion/Wolf named Nosyd (yes, that’s Dyson backwards). Despite being a deserter, he tells them he can lead them to someone who can find the Maestro. But in the real world, he feels like a failure because he hasn’t been able to save everyone. The hero complex is a hell of a thing. But at least he helps Lauren identify the bug bite on Bo that is actually the cause of her coma. See, this is why it’s always good to keep moth balls around.

Cowardly Nosyd leads them to meet Stoner Lauren, which is perhaps the best thing Dyson has done in the entire series. Her earth-bound ineffectualness in curing Bo has manifested itself in fantasy world stoner behavior. Lola/Lauren has too many thoughts so eats special brownies to make it all go away. But then she thinks really hard and remembers the map/cure.


As the real-world crew searches for the moth that’s making Bo sick, Vex has his moment to doubt. So as the guardian of the gate in Bo’s coma-mind, he is the ultimate two-face. But Bo solves his riddle and finally finds the way to see the Maestro who turns out to be…herself. Oh, please, we all saw that one coming.

What we didn’t see coming, but deeply wanted, was the return of Kenzi. She sneaks in through the attic, and we remember why we miss her so much instantly. Her arrival also helps them capture the moth, which leads to the episode’s final freaky dream sequence involving Stevie Knicks robes and making out. It’s like the writers had a dream board and wanted to make sure they ticked off everything while they still could.


After Bo accepts Black Witch Kenzi/the moth’s tonsil hockey session, she gets a visit from White Witch Kenzi and her white horse. She tells her there’s no place like home/horseshoe. And then Bo is back/finally accepted Trick’s death. So then they finally read his will and–like the whiz of a wiz he was, he got everyone exactly what they needed/wanted all along. Shut up, you’re crying.

And then Vex fans are crying even more because Hades slashes his throat.






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