“Just Jillian” recap (1.8): She Said Yes

Next on the list is a workout event with Tee Major on the USS Midway in San Diego and—surprise, surprise—there is an issue with the audio. No matter where they go, something is wrong with the audio! Maybe it’s a sign that Jillian shouldn’t be talking. I’M KIDDING, everyone relax. Basically, Tee Major is a badass and does the workout with a microphone that has a long cord connected to it, and we are all impressed.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 7.32.53 PM

Afterward, Jillian takes a helicopter back to L.A. to get to Heidi faster. I am currently quizzing my wife if she loves me enough to get a helicopter so she can get to me as fast as she can. She said she will get a helicopter when we get our $41,000.00 patio furniture. If you haven’t been watching the show this entire time, that will make no sense to you.

It’s date night for Jillian and Heidi and, much to NO ONE’S surprise, Heidi is crying. She is crying because Jillian went on The Wendy Williams Show and said she doesn’t want to get married, even though she once said she will marry Heidi when it’s legal for everyone. Now that it is, Heidi is thirsty for that ring! 

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Once they get home from their date, Jillian calls her mom (my new favorite person on this show. It used to be Chloe. Sorry Chloe!). Mom tells Jillian she is just afraid, and that SHIT HAPPENS, including her divorce from Jillian’s father.

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