“Younger” recap (2.10): Bad Romance

This week on Younger, Maggie’s spotted Liza’s former flame Josh in The High Line. He’s posing with the woman who wrote that article about him—yep, that article. The one that caused Liza’s friends to get all up in Josh’s grill about being public with and proud of Liza. “Ugh, Greta,” Liza moans. “What a whore,” Maggie responds. Liza thinks “whore” is a little bit harsh. She’s past the baking stage of her breakup and is now revisiting all their old texts and photos—something to really torture her. Liza just can’t believe he’s in The High Line, though. “Well, he does like to get high,” Maggie points out. Liza just hopes Josh is happy because he looks happy. Maggie isn’t having it: “Yeah, cause he’s high.”


It’s in Liza’s nature to turn her cheek even when she’s hurt. Maggie plain calls it like she sees it, and she doesn’t just let shit ride out—she clearly thinks Josh made a lame decision (biased or not) and doesn’t want to hand him any free passes. If anyone can understand Liza’s quiet pain, it’s her boss Diana Trout, whose ex Andy was recently photographed in color with his fiancé Edwardo in The New York Times engagement pages. Diana’s warmed up to Liza, inviting her to go to lunch. Liza mentions she has to get someone on the phone first from Powell’s Books. (As a Portlander, I have to give props for the famed bookstore name drop.)

Anyway, this lunch date will turn out to be the domino that falls and launches a series of other dominos—eventually leading us to Kelsey and Thad’s super over-the-top engagement party hosted and planned by Lauren. At the lunch, Liza runs into a fellow assistant who invites her out to a “young professionals mixer.” It’s here where she meets some overzealous ladies, one who blindly accepts she remembers Liza from Dartmouth, and another who says she works with Thad—a so-called “stall rabbit” who has sex in the bathroom with his assistant every single day. Before Liza can inform Kelsey about this, ruin her engagement, and wedge herself into a rumor that might not even be true, she has to go to dinner for her daughter’s Caitlyn’s birthday with her ex-husband David. Oh boy.

One quick word about David: It’s almost like he’s the older, tailored, un-tatted version of Josh. He’s handy with musical instruments, seems to get sloshed pretty easily, and doesn’t shy from adventure. All of this is fine but see, then Liza goes and drunkenly hooks up with him. Uh oh. What follows is maybe the best scene so far this season in Younger. Thunder, lightning, torrential rain—Liza wakes in her bed to see David beside her asleep, with his mouth hanging open. It’s like a moment from Poltergeist; only no one is here to take David away through a television set.

She immediately leaves her room and crawls into Maggie’s bed. “What’s the matter? You have a bad dream?” Maggie mumbles in her bed. Oh, Mommy Maggie, protect Liza from the bad nightmare across the hall. Liza admits what’s happened. Maggie says she thought she heard her in there—but figured she was making food, not “slicing pie with David.” Liza’s grossed out. Maggie brings up a valid point. If Liza’s really trying to get over Josh, maybe she should’ve stuck to her Martha Stewarting. Maggie says she’ll just go into Liza’s room and shove her “pointy knee into his ball sack” and then he’ll go running back to Jersey before the sun rises. Damn, Mags. Tell us how you really feel. The next morning Maggie is smirking while she eats her bowl of oats. David left Liza a note. “That was fun” with a smiley face. Wow, expressive. SEE! He IS like a Josh. Liza’s mortified. This wasn’t the type rebound she had in mind.


Kelsey and Thad’s engagement party closes out the episode with a falcon, a robot photo booth, a special appearance from Kathy Najimy and her pervy husband, and text with a movie attachment sent to Liza of Thad having sex with someone in a bathroom stall. It’s an aerial shot. And Thad spots Liza watching the video right away. Confetti falls, and Thad looks at Liza like he’s the next Ted Bundy and he’s going to murder her in the middle of his engagement party. I’m waiting for him to scuffle for that phone. Where’s Mommy Maggie when you need her?

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