“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.5): Get a Leg Up

I love a good Dream Team episode, and that’s what we get this week on Grey’s Anatomy. Well, I mean a Dream Team episode when no one is crushed by a falling piano, or nearly decapitated in a plane crash, etc. Callie is leading the way in this episode, which is also a bonus. So grab a bone saw and let’s get to it!

The Dreamy Teamy

Callie, Meredith, Bailey and Jackson are practicing a complicated surgery on a cadaver, like you do, and it’s going pretty well. Callie wants to run through it a few more times before they head over to a Military hospital to perform the groundbreaking (and admittedly super weird) surgery on a veteran. Because this is Grey’s, there’s no time for that since the soldier just broke his good hip and has to have the surgery now. Get ready to pull an all-nighter, Dream Team and start chugging that famous Seattle coffee.


Everyone is jealous that Jo gets to tag along for the surgery, including Penny. Callie is like, ha, remember when you yelled at me for interfering with your career and Bailey jumps in to confirm that there is no special treatment for residents, even when you are schtuping them. Sorry, Penny.

Once the Dream Team is in the car, Bailey brings up a potential suitor for Meredith. Mer is far from interested in this type of conversation especially when Callie jumps on the bandwagon. Let her McMourn for a little while longer, people.


The team meets up with the military docs, and all is cordial until Major Thorpe, who is definitely approaching the role as “sexily angry,” interrupts to throw his weight around. He doesn’t like these hot shot civilian docs one bit. Grumble grumble. He’s been Sgt. Carson’s surgeon from the get go and is worried that they are just using him as a guinea pig. Bailey steps in and tries to call his fears, but when you are sexily angry, it’s hard to relax.


The docs meet up with Sgt. Carson to explain the surgery. Major Thorpe wants Carson to stick with chemo and radiation so he can have a few more years, but Carson wants to go with the more radical and riskier surgery. Did I mention the surgery would remove one of his legs and put the remaining one in the center of his body? Yeah, it’s super weird.

Jackson gets to work setting up for his part of the surgery, and gets flirted with hardcore by one of the military docs. Of course, he doesn’t realize this, but Jo sees it and razzes him good.