“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.08): 50 Shades of Betty McRae

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Kendra saved Ray and then kissed him, Snart “got rid of” Rory but the details were vague, and Sara Lance was the best one always. Oh, also they’re on a multi-dimensional quest to stop Vandal Savage from destroying the world.

Next stop is the ’50s, in Oregon of all places.

There are teens drinking and racing, as they did, and the inevitably crash. What’s weird about this situation is that they crash into a blue glowing meteorite and Savage appears, excited about the find.  

On the Waverider, Team Legends makes a plan; it’s the ’50s, so Savage doesn’t know a band of time travelers is after him yet, so they’re going to investigate some local murders and hope it leads them to Savage.

Kendra and Ray are going to play married, much to the chagrin of their racist real estate agent.

Legends of Tomorrow 108-1Did you just???

Stein is playing a doctor, with Sara as his faithful nurse, and they’re hired by a slimy doctor who tries to hit on Sara because he apparently doesn’t like his appendages attached to his body.

Legends of Tomorrow 108-2“Can I kill him yet? How bout now?”

Jax is assigned to being just a new kid on the block while Snart and Rip are FBI agents investigating the murders.

Stein loves the ’50s, and calls it idyllic because his memories of it are, and so are all the movies set in that time. But Jax and Sara laugh in his face and are like right sure, it’s a perfect paradise if you’re a white, straight man. Stein says “Touche,” and I punch the air in victory.

Besides the closed-mindedness of the time, Jax also thinks towns like this are TOO perfect, and usually how murder mysteries start. Which is the most exciting thing Sara has heard all day.

Legends of Tomorrow 108-3MURDER YES LET’S DO IT.

Stein takes the doctor/nurse role playing too far when he’s like “Let’s get to work, Nurse!” and Sara reminds him that she’s a highly trained assassin and will happily kill him slowly.

So they head out and Jax flirts with the sad cheerleader whose friends have gone missing.