“Black Sails” recap (3.08): You and I Both

Previously on Black Sails, Rogers had plans to transport Jack and the Urca gold he took from Anne, but Vane and Flint have plans to intercept it; Silver bashed Dufresne’s head; Max and Eleanor almost burned down the tavern with their electric connection; and Max warned Eleanor about some rumors going around about her and Rogers.

Vane and Flint are waiting around in a house, and Vane is grossed out by the settle-down-iness of it all. Flint is surprised he’s never imagined a comfortable life. Anne is like, “Seriously dudes? Stop bickering about china patterns and focus on what’s important!” If they miss Jack or if someone finds them, they’re doomed. Flint promises no one is looking for them, and that they can’t just guess which road Rogers is coming down. Anne says they HAVE to guess. If they miss the caravan, all he misses is money and maybe the war he’s been itching for. She loses so much more.

Black Sails 308-1“For example, my mind, if I have to stay with you two much longer.”

Flint says they all have the same end goal, even if their motives and stakes vary. Billy pops in to say he sees a caravan, so the gang heads out.

Jack is in the dungeon, giving a mouse advice about being ambitious and not settling for scraps when Rogers drags him out into a carriage. Rogers tells Jack he’s being taken to Havana and promises him that Anne is fine, despite being dicked over.

Princess Madi and John Silver have a whole storyline in this episode that I honestly wasn’t following, but I think the general gist of it was that Princess Madi is a badass and can make the tough decisions, meaning she’s a great leader and a huge asset to Silver if he plays his cards right.

On Nassau, in the tavern, Georgia fully…erm…services Max. And I mean it’s downright softcore porn. But like…classy.

Black Sails 308-2And just what Max needed.

Georgia (who has quite an adorable accent) comments on the fact that Max is here later into the morning than usual, and asks if she’s avoiding something. When Max doesn’t answer, she mentions that Mrs. Mapleton chose her because she’s new, and has no reason to gossip or judge Max. Max knows exactly what this is, though; she knows all the games. Hell, she invented half of them. And if Georgia ever wants to see Max in all her glory ever again, she’ll never try to pull that shit again.

There’s a knock at the door, and someone tells her Miss Guthrie is downstairs asking for her.  Max’s face does a thing that I would like to imagine is a combination of being sad it’s not Eleanor in her bed, and also sadness at the knowledge that Eleanor is here to tell her Anne’s fate.

Black Sails 308-3The parallels from S1 are astounding.