“Once Upon A Time” SnapCap (5.13): Hero to Zero

Hello again! Is it me, or is this the worst half-season of this show yet? And I’m including the torture that was Neverland. Well, let’s dive into the SnapCap, and try to find the root of the problem.


We’re still in hell. And so are our “heroes.” But for the first time, we see where Killian is. He’s in a dungeon, with a female prisoner. There’s a hellbeast keeping them there, so Hook distracts it and sends the girl to find Emma Swan.

OUAT 513-1-1“I won’t say I’m in fear.”

Mary Margaret found a headstone for Hercules in the Underworld Graveyard, and she remembers meeting him for the first time. Flash back to Young Snow being tasked with stopping a bandit while her father is away. She runs away, overwhelmed, and falls in a hole, having to be saved by an insanely strong young lad.

Present-day Mary Margaret decides that Herc should be next on their list of souls to save. She thinks if they save him he can help them find Hook. Meanwhile, Regina sends Robin Hood and Henry off so she can be alone with Emma. They find blood, which leads them to the girl Hook set free.

OUAT 513-2Faces like this make me miss Emma’s “doing magic” faces.

They poof to the Charming Loft, and the girl tells them she can lead them to where Hook is, but there’s a three-headed monster in the way. Mary Margaret comes by and says they can defeat the beast, Cerberus; they just have to find Hercules first.

They go to Granny’s, where Regina sasses the hell out of the Blind Witch and gets her to tell them that Hercules works down by the docks. Mary Margaret goes to tell him that they need his help, and she pep talks him into helping.

Meanwhile, Hood and Henry are looking for maps in the mayor’s office when Henry runs into Cruella, who says that breaking the quill wasn’t permanent and that he, as the Author, can rewrite her story and bring her back to life. She uses the fact that it would make one of his moms not a murderer anymore as leverage to get him to help her.  

Young Snow faces the Bandit (who, come to find out, was paid by Regina to make the princess look like a bad ruler) and fails the first time, but succeeds the second, inspiring her people.

OUAT 513-3“I learned archery in two days, during a Zero to Hero montage!”

Hades drops in to pay his guests a visit and threatens them all if they don’t get out, causing Mary Margaret to throw in the towel.

In what was probably the best part of the episode, Regina tells Mary Margaret to snap out of it and stop moping. If she can forgive Regina enough to make her a friend, she can do anything. She says they don’t need Mary Margaret right now. They need Snow White.