These 16 shows gave queer lady couples a happy ending

Buffy (2003): Willow & KennedyHappyEndings_4

No, we’ll never forget what happened to Tara. But, fine, Willow looked pretty happy with Kennedy and her tongue piercing.

Friends (2004): Carol & SusanHappyEndings_5

Much to Ross’s continued chagrin, Carol and Susan appear to still be happily in love, married and raising Ben. Bonus points if you remember which famous real-life lesbians were at their wedding.

Queer as Folk (2005): Melanie & LindsayHappyEndings_6

Melanie and Lindsay reconcile and move to Canada because our government was still so damn terrible at the time. This seems prescient given everything going on with Donald Trump.

ER (2007): Kerry & CourtneyHappyEndings_7

Poor Dr. Kerry Weaver. She got to make out with Elizabeth Mitchell only to have them break up, but then got a hot firefighter girlfriend only for her to die. But in the end, she moved to Miami with her new hot TV producer girlfriend, Courtney.

South of Nowhere (2008): Spencer & AshleyHappyEndings_8

Spashley lives, and decided to U-Haul it in true gay lady fashion.