These 16 shows gave queer lady couples a happy ending

Guiding Light (2009): Olivia & NataliaHappyEndings_9

While Otalia fans may not all have been happy with what the soap put them through, Olivia and Natalia made it. They really made it.

Exes and Ohs (2009): Chris & Kris, Jen & SamHappyEndings_10

Chris and Kris got married and have their baby–finally. Jen and Sam decide to go for it–also finally.

The L Word (2009): Tina & Bette, Alice & TashaHappyEndings_11

Tina and Bette are moving to New York together. Alice and Tasha look like they are getting back together. Since The Farm was never made, I can still count Alice as canon because she got thrown in the slammer.

House (2011): Thirteen & Unnamed GirlfriendHappyEndings_12

Getting fired by House is the best thing that can happen to Thirteen. Now she can go live a happy life with her unnamed girlfriend. Yes, she has inherited the gene for Huntington’s Disease which will likely shorten her life. But for now, there is kissing and Greece.

Glee (2015): Brittany & SantanaHappyEndings_13

We made this ship happen, guys. We did it. And even Ryan Murphy couldn’t tear them apart. Brittana now, Brittana always.