“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (5.15): Let Them Burn

Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of Lost Girl. Read the full episode recap here.

The house, the house, the house is on fire. But, no, really–it’s on fire. And Bo is watching it all burn down with a gas can in her hand. Hold up, let’s back up about 24 hours. Kenzi is burning toast and finding Vex with his throat slashed. Oh, and did we mention Tamsin and her unborn demon seed have been kidnapped? Because they have.

Vex has had his vocal chords slashed (don’t worry, they’ll be fine by next week). But he still manages to tell them about Bo’s midwife, who is still alive and can maybe give them some insight on the Pyrippus. So they go see Evony because how can they end this series without seeing Evony and her delicious mimosas at least once more?


Evony has stolen Bo’s midwife away to tend to her horses, so they go to see her six white ponies and find the midwife. Trick saved her from death row, and now she is a horse whisperer. She is also a Bo’s past secrets whisperer who fills in some serious blanks about what happened when Bo was born. Trick tasked her with whisking her away from the Fae and hiding her with humans.

She then leads them to the fire-breathing stallion everyone has been talking about. Fine, so he doesn’t have wings. We all expect ancient prophecy to be two-thirds hyperbole anyway. She uses the horseshoe to shield herself from his nostril fire.


Meanwhile, poor Tam-Tam is going through her own trial by fire. But instead of actual fire hers involves her rapist clipping her wings and keeping her in a cage. Then Hades tells us that Valkyries always die after childbirth. Can someone get Valkubus fans a magic horseshoe to shield their hearts from the coming hellfire, too?

Bo tames the fiery black stallion with her love pats. But the horseshoe doesn’t fit, so they must acquit. You see, the Pyrippus has been inside Bo all along–in case the copious horse-hints the show has been dropping all season long didn’t clue you in already. She is the weapon Daddy Darkness has been searching for all along.


Bo then gallops (hey, I didn’t start the horse metaphors–the show did) to the conclusion that she should just turn herself in to Hades to get it over with. But Kenzi pulls back on the reigns (fine, now I just can’t help myself) and tells her to slow her trot.

At the Dal, the Consilium of powerful Fae elders is now bickering like school kids. Mark has butted in and called the Light and Dark Fae together, against Dyson’s wishes. So they have a father-son spat until Lil’ Mark finally has his first shift. He’s a black panther. Father-and-son are fighting like cats-and-dogs. We get it, show, we get it.


So Bo goes to her pops like he wants because planning has never been anyone on this show’s strong suit. He makes her prove her loyalty by burning down the Suck Shack with her friends inside. Then, having proven herself, she accepts his mark again and takes her place on his really uncomfortable-looking concrete throne. Well, I guess that’s one way to live the life you choose–by making bad choices.





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