Greg Berlanti on SuperCat, Sara Lance and his forthcoming lesbian film

Last Saturday night, Greg Berlanti was honored by the Family Equality Council at their LA Impact Awards. The new father to a baby boy (with partner Robbie Rogers) was praised for the amount of LGBT visibility he has brought to the screen from one of the first on-screen kisses between teen boys on Dawson’s Creek to the major gay storyline on Brothers & Sisters, to the current kick ass bisexual superhero we have in Sara Lance. The out producer/showrunner/writer always has his hand in several projects at the same time, so while he is working on Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, he’s also executive EP on Supergirl and in development on the feature film adaptation of Alice & Freda Forever, a book about a real life lesbian couple whose relationship ended in murder.

We caught up with Gret on the red carpet to ask about the shipping of Supergirl and Cat Grant, what’s coming up for Sara Lance and what he can tell us about the new film.