An LGBT law firm is at the center of new series “The Fallout”

Caryn K. Hayes is one prolific media maker. The creator of Hardly Working TV that has brought us the web series Entangled With You (which just wrapped up after three seasons) and the short Clean Hands is introducing an all-new series called The Fallout.

The Fallout is described as “a workplace drama set in a L.A. law firm where we follow the cases and lives of the lawyers. Each of our lawyers are out members of the LGBTQ community and take on cases relevant to the community.” Erika Ringor (Love & Basketball) plays a lesbian chef named Jackie who is struggling in her long-time marriage to Crystal Coney (Breaking Point, Entangled with You). Haviland Stillwell also stars as a partner at the law firm, and Keena Ferguson, shows up to tantalize her ex, Fallon Lennox.

Check out our exclusive clip from the series and then head over to their Seed & Spark campaign to help get The Fallout finished. Caryn and the cast will also be at The Dinah the first weekend of April.