“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.18): Until death do them part

Previously on Rizzoli & Isles: Korsak almost got blown up. Jane wore a funny hat. And FBI Special Agent Monica Reyes is about to visit Boston.

Finally, Jane and Maura get a chance to visit Maine together before retiring there together like they’ve planned. Finally, we can have our gay Murder She Wrote reboot like we’ve always wanted. If only it didn’t involve a state trooper getting shot in the chest.


Still back in Boston, our ladies have decided to change their morning routine up. I guess walking the block between their current houses has gotten old. Gotta keep things fresh, you know. Jane is mainlining caffeine, which Maura of course notices. Granted, all that tossing and turning at night must be hard to miss. You see Jane isn’t sleeping because her Life Ruiner is out there, waiting to further ruin her life.

Maura attempts to process their current predicament. But Jane being Jane she can only offer up some monosyllabic rhyming words to describe her feelings. Hey, maybe Jane was a fan of The 100. Because “Mad. Bad. Sad.” is pretty much a perfect summation of their feelings.


Maura tries to push her girlfriend to explore her feelings more. But Jane can only add an “er” to the end of her previous feelings because she apparently played hooky on Lesbian Processing 101 day. Poor Maura, you know she has put countless Post-It notes on the pages in that chapter in The Big Lesbian Guidebook and keeps conspicuously placing it on Jane’s nightstand.

Back at the office, we learn a little more about Alice the Life Ruiner. She was in the slammer for being a drug dealer, which also conveniently gives her the cash to effectively fuck with Jane. The drug unit guy who arrested her said she was never on their radar, and they couldn’t find her drug ring. So she’s a wily drug dealer. But, contradictions abound, her dad was a highly decorated cop. Hm, I’m sensing a jealousy motive perhaps? I mean, how could you not feel a little envious when gazing upon Det. Jane Rizzoli?