“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.18): Until death do them part

The team tracks down Alice the Life Ruiner’s former cellmate, the same woman who got left behind earlier after an unseen person in the 70s muscle car shot the trooper in Maine. Guess we all know who that unseen person was now. So it’s off for a romantic jaunt for Jane and Maura–and also Korsak and Frankie. Hey, sometimes you can’t stop your friends from tagging along.

At the scene, Maura inspects the body, Jane broods with her Ponytail of Righteous Justice and Aviators of Sexy Justice on. In short, she means business–and justice. But the lead state trooper isn’t too pleased to see them–and possibly ladies–doing important man work. Jane loses her cool because no one questions Jane or her lady’s abilities and/or authority. She reminds the trooper that this person targeted her “and my family.” So, in case there was any lingering doubt, Maura is totally family.


As she sees Jane blow her top, Maura steps in to tell the trooper of her own abduction. It seems to work, maybe because Maura is wearing a skirt and heels. Jane whispers thanks to her lady, because even she knows sometimes it is just more time effective to play into people’s existing gender stereotypes to get shit done.

The search dogs pick up the Life Ruiner’s cellmate’s scent in the woods, so it’s time for Jane to strap back on her bulletproof tank top. Can we take a moment here to discuss how in no way, shape or form would Jane, Maura or even Jane’s brother be allowed to work on this case? Remember just three episodes ago when Korsak was all, “You can’t. It’ll jeopardize, conflict of interest, blah blah blah?” LOL, JK I guess.


Korsak, the one police officer without a direct conflict of interest in this case, is naturally back in Boston and interviewing the Life Ruiner’s father. He was a highly awarded cop, but a lousy father. Growing up Alice was “perfect,” the valedictorian and captain of her softball team. So what they’re saying is she was gay–super gay. But then she quit the academy suddenly.

They start the search, and there’s a dog bark and a bang. No. NO. They did not just Old Yeller a police dog, did they? Alas, yes, Wendy the Cellmate shot and killed the pup, which means I hates her, I hates her forever. Jane, too, because you know she still has residual guilt about giving up Jo Friday.