“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.18): Until death do them part

At the Dirty Robber, plans are underway for Korsak’s wedding. Oh, did I mention it’s also Korsak’s wedding day? Yeah, it is, but you’d never know since he and everyone else hasn’t bothered to take the day off. Such a romantic, that guy. Mama Rizzoli is there with Ron, giving him a heart attack about wanting to get married. And then they laugh and laugh because aren’t stereotypically male commitment fears hilarious?

Since we’ve touched on the topic of gender norms, Kiki’s sister Mimi is your classic bridesmaid. She is chasing Kiki around with a veil trying to make her wear it for the wedding. Just another episode of Say Yes to the Rizzoli.


Korsak finally arrives at his own wedding, late. Also, is he just going to wear one of his regular old everyday detective suits? To make matters worse, he tells Kiki they are going to have to delay things some more because Jane isn’t there yet. Oh, have we mentioned Jane has been ambushed by her Life Ruiner’s accomplice while still up in the woods of Maine? Everyone grab a comfortable seat, this is gonna take a while.

Wendy the Cellmate indeed gets the drop on Jane and makes her drop her gun. She also notes that Jane is taller than she expected. I can only assume the long-legged, raven-haired detective was the topic of many a late-night conversation–and dream–in that jail cell.


Jane starts talking about how Life Ruiner Alice left Cellmate Wendy high and dry. But Wendy isn’t having any of it because she loves Alice. Hold up, hold up, wait. Yep, you guessed it, we’ve got lesbian villains. 

Jane, knowing lesbian insecurities intimately, goes right for the fact that Alice also slept with a man, the psychiatrist/kidnapper. Wendy said that was just sex, which for a man is everything. But with her, it’s different because they are in love. Oh, sweetie.


Jane recognizes lovesick gay lady syndrome immediately and turns to face her. She walks up right against her pistol butt and tells poor Wendy that this probably isn’t an Orange Is the New Black love connection. Wendy realizes she is neither Piper or Alex. Nor Poussey and Soso. Or Crazy Eyes and Maureen. Heck, not even Big Boo and the screwdriver.

Well, at least she had her epiphany before she turned into Tricia.


Jane calls in her apologies for not being at the wedding. But it’s all good because Mimi–my new favorite character–is making everyone free cocktails. It’s not like everyone else is there, either. Nina is still in the office, Maura is in the lab, and Kent is reading Archie comics.