“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.18): Until death do them part

I love how annoyed Maura is by Kent. It’s like she, too, can’t believe this is the doofus they choose to replace the incomparable Sen. Criminologist Susie Chang. Can we just give him a big pile of Archie comics and let him read them in a corner all next season?


Jane goes back to Wendy to poke at her about her Lesbian Until Release Date girlfriend. She remains convinced that Alice loved her; in fact, Alice only loved her and her son. So now we know the Life Ruiner has a little Life Ruiner Jr.

Of course, now it’s way too late for Korsak’s wedding. Hey, no biggie, it’s just one of the most important days of a person’s life that brings friends and family from all over together in a special celebration to commemorate your love. That’s easy and not emotionally devastating to postpone, right? Yeah, better keep them drinks coming for Kiki. 


Everyone’s now back in Boston, but Alice the possible lesbian, definitely life ruiner, is now in Canada. She crossed the border as Wendy. Hey, not to criticize your police work–but shouldn’t  Wendy’s passport have been flagged, too? Just a suggestion. Korsak says not to worry; the Mounties will get her. Hey, don’t knock Canada. They’ve got health care and a great new progressive leader. It’s like everything America is running away from this election season.

It’s the next day, and Smug Kent is still reading Archie comics much to Maura’s continued annoyance. He calls them a great primer for relationships. OK, now his social ineptitude is starting to make sense. Everything he knows about girls, he learned from comic books. Though at least he accurately identifies Maura as the Betty and Jane as the Veronica. Jane, even more accurately, identifies him as Jughead.


Maura has created a psychological profile of Alice based on the files her father gave them. She was driven, smart and ambitious. And she was on top of everything until she ran into an even more driven, smarter and more ambitious buzzsaw called Jane Rizzoli.

So as a narcissistic high-achiever she blamed Jane when things went wrong. And because of that, she won’t stop coming after her. Also, have you looked at Jane Rizzoli? She’s kind of hot, so there’s also that. Maura runs after her girlfriend with concern, and also maybe a little because she’s hot.