“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.18): Until death do them part

Jane runs into Korsak and remembers it’s time to change for the once-postponed wedding. She needn’t bother because it is now a twice-postponed wedding. Korsak has sent Kiki home because that’s romantic. Actually, it is because they tracked down Alice’s unofficially adopted son. He attends BCU, which is awfully convenient.

So they track him down, he runs, Korsak totters after him, and Jane stares on with exasperation. Good thing Frankie is there to do the tackling. In the interrogation room, he tells them Alice was a great person who took him in off the streets and was a legitimate businesswoman. He claims she was framed by cops.

So now they’re puzzled. Why would she do right by this kid only to do very wrong by Jane Rizzoli? Not to be too Seinfeld about it, but what is the deal with this woman? We still don’t know, but the Mounties do know they spotted her at a warehouse district in Quebec City. So they’re surrounding her and about to go in. Thanks, Canada, time for a Big Gazzoli Wedding, eh?


Korsak’s wedding, on the other hand, seems a tad tenuous. Kiki has given him the “We have to talk” call. Jane and Maura arrive at the Dirty Robber where they both agree they want Jane to stay in one piece. Look, no one is being particularly romantic this episode. That’s as close to “I love you” as we’ll probably get.

They also all agree that Jane can be a little intimidating. Jane pretends she doesn’t mean to be intimidating, but we’ve all seen the mane and heard the voice. You’re not fooling anyone, detective.

Kiki and Korsak finish their serious talk and decide to get married now–well in 20 minutes with the few straggler guests who seemingly never left the bar and Mimi the drunk sister. And they say romance is dead. On the plus side, I kind of want an entire spin-off show about Mimi. Who do I need to talk to to make this happen?


Jane and Maura run off to get changed. Actually, it seems all the ladies of the BPD have tucked their fancy wear away in drawers and evidence lockers throughout the office. Nina has her wedding hat which, if we’re being perfectly honest, is absolutely adorable. Hey, I’m talking to the police, I can’t lie.

But then there’s some weirdness between her and Frankie because he is inviting Nicole, who I assume is the art student from the stakeout. Nina acts weird. Frankie acts weird. I can’t decide if this is good or bad news for Froliday shippers. What, you have your portmanteau, and I have mine.