“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.18): Until death do them part

So now it’s time to dance. Frankie dances (and kisses) Nicole. Mama R dances with big-footed Ron. And Maura dances on up to her lady. Jane, of course, feigns resistance. But who on this great green Earth could resist the irresistible dorky dancing of one Dr. Maura Isles. No one, no one I say.

And Jane, despite her protestations, cannot either. I mean, look at Maura.


Look. At. Her.


Of course  Kilty Kent pounces in on them and makes it an extremely unwelcome threesome. Just like a dude, always dancing up on two ladies who in no way shape or form want a dude to be dancing with them. Jane, of course, handles it in true gay lady fashion.


But while Jane made a textbook dance floor escape, her luck appears to be running out. Alice’s lumber van pulls up near the Dirty Robber. I still can’t decide if that means the driver is in on it or not. But what has already been definitively decided is that Maura has picked out Jane’s dress for their wedding. Yes, I know she is pretending it’s a “bridesmaids” dress. But there are a lot of unfamiliar people around, so code words, duh.

She has selected a strapless midnight blue dress for Jane. Hey, they’ve been together for over six years at this point. They wouldn’t be fooling anyone by wearing white. Maura knows it’s a great color on her skin-tone because that’s the color of the new bed sheets she just bought. But Jane is pretty insistent with the amount of drinking and, um, bouncing around she plans on doing that night it isn’t going to work. Geez, Jane, save some for the honeymoon suite.