“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.18): Until death do them part

But now it’s all over but the best man’s toast and Scottish bagpipes and inevitable cliffhanger. Jane says something about not being an expert on love. Well, dear, that comes from living your life without sharing your truth with the world. Come out and be free, lady. But she pulls it together enough to wish them the best.

So finally, this marathon quickie wedding is over. The bride and groom prepare to leave with the traditional shower of rice as they head out. But, wait, what’s that little red laser sight? Jane realizes it’s a gun, and we fade to black as a shot rings out. Since we’ve already shot Jane, twice, and put Maura’s life in peril countless times–and also the little thing about their names being in the title–I’m going to hazard a very educated guess that it won’t be them. Anyone else? Who knows. Though, if it winged Kent, I wouldn’t exactly be sad.


And now, for your extra-long (because I brain farted and forgot them last week) season finale #gayzzoli tweets. Thanks for playing along, and see you back here this summer, friends.