“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.14): Switcheroo

Previously on Grey’s Anatomy, Callie performed a crazy new surgery, which means this week she’s sidelined for the most part. April has a bun in the oven, and Arizona knows but Jackson doesn’t. Meredith made quite an impression on a military doctor, but she may not be ready to jump back into the dating pool yet. I really like to break up episodes into their various storylines, but sometimes a Grey’s episode is one big pot of storyline stew and has to be told in a linear way. This is one of those episodes.

So Richard can’t help but notice that the attendings have chosen their favorite residents, and he wants to shake things up. He puts all the attendings names in a hat and makes the residents pick. That means Penny (who is growing on me) gets stuck with Amelia (who Penny is not growing on), and Jo gets Meredith.


Jo goes to report to Meredith, who treats Jo like she always does: an annoying ghost. Meredith is much more interested in hearing about their patient at the military hospital, and Callie can’t help but toss in some Major Thorpe gossip. It seems the McGrumpy has been trying to call Meredith, but she’s not responding. Jo saddles up next to Meredith, who asks where Penny is and is disappointed to find out Jo is on her service.

Also disappointed in her current assignment is Steph, who is horrified to hear that not only will she have to work with children (and Alex), but children and puppies. Steph, you know I love you but seriously?

Amelia’s patient of the week is a 75-year-old man who was in a car accident and also needs a pacemaker. Naturally, she runs into Owen in the elevator (where I’m pretty sure he just rides up and down all day hoping to run into her). He’s made dinner reservations for them that night for their first official date. Aw, ok that’s cute. Penny finds Amelia to give her the news that she’s on her service, and also that the patient’s wife is waiting downstairs. Amelia is not thrilled about having to work with Penny one bit, so she tells her to find Richard and get it switched.


This week’s episode had some great guest stars, the first being Casey Wilson, who plays Courtney, the expectant mother of four babies. Arizona performed fetal surgery on two of the babies, and now she’s on bedrest for the next two months. Courtney is also an accountant, and she’s helping Bailey look over their taxes. Since Bailey is making way more bank this year, her taxes are completely different. Ben is not pleased that Bailey is looking for outside help because he likes to do their taxes every year. Sorry, Ben, but you and Turbotax will have to cancel that date. At least Courtney’s husband came in with a gift basket to soothe Ben’s pain.


Riggs and Amelia team up to speak with the accident victim’s wife since he is having heart and brain issues. The only problem is they aren’t speaking with Griffin’s wife: she’s his mistress. They find this out when the great Rita Moreno swoops in to find out if her cheating hubby has kicked it yet.