“Black Sails” recap (3.09): On the Eve of Battle

Previously on Black Sails, Anne helped Vane and Flint steal the gold and save Jack, but Vane got captured in the process, and Eleanor continued to help Rogers with Max’s advice and admitted she’s not sure what will happen when she’s faced with Vane again.

But we’re going to have a wait a minute to find out.

We open with Jack and the gold on Flint’s ship, Anne sitting silent watch. Flint comes in to update them and asks where the key to the locked treasure chest is, and he says he threw it in the sea. There’s too much riding on that treasure to let sit around open on a pirate ship.

On Nassau, Eleanor goes to Vane’s cell and reads him a plea.

Black Sails 309-1“Dear Vane. I hate your stinking guts.”

If he signs it, he’ll be killed quietly and privately. If he doesn’t, his execution will be a public spectacle.

Vane thinks the letter she read him is funny, especially coming from her. It lists his misdeeds as piracy when really all she blames him for is the murder of her father. She calls him a coward for killing her father in the middle of the night instead of facing her, for taking him away right when she was starting to reconnect with him. Vane spits at the memory of Mr. Guthrie, saying he was a terrible person through and through, and a few nice conversations with his daughter didn’t change that. He says it’s Eleanor’s way, though; pushing away someone who loves her who is telling her the harsh truth in favor of someone who is telling her pretty lies.

Black Sails 309-2“I did kind of do that to Max too, didn’t I?”

Vane says that Guthrie betrayed his daughter, coming to Vane and trying to exchange her life for his. But Eleanor has heard enough. She starts WAILING on him. Full, closed-fists punches right to his smug face. She screams in anger and anguish and starts hitting him with her words instead. She says he’s not a man and can’t see goodness in people because he has none of his own. She says he’s not capable of base human instincts like forgiveness and calls him an animal.

She storms out and goes to see Rogers, who has been put on bedrest and is surrounded by his council members. When Rogers sees Eleanor, he dismisses his men, telling them that they should talk to her and her alone while he’s incapacitated. Once the men are gone, Eleanor goes to pour him some water, and he notices her bloody hand.

Black Sails 309-3“He ran into my fist. He ran into my fist 10 times.”