Morning Brew – Mary-Louise Parker and Rachel Griffiths to play wives in “When We Rise”

Good morning! I hope all of you in Brussels are safe, as well as your family and friends.

In some exciting news, Mary-Louise Parker and Rachel Griffiths will be playing real life lesbian wives in the upcoming ABC gay liberation mini-series When We Rise. Mary-Louise will play “women’s rights leader Roma Guy, who co-founded the San Francisco Women’s Building, and as a public health commissioner worked with others to bring healthcare access to all San Franciscans. Griffiths will play her wife, social justice activist Diane, who joined the Women’s Movement in the 1970s in San Francisco, co-founded the Women’s Building and has worked as an HIV/AIDS nurse and social justice activist at San Francisco General Hospital for 33 years.” Fun Home‘s Emily Skeggs will play young Roma and Fiona Dourif will play young Diane.

Netflix has released new photos from Season 2 of Grace and Frankie, which premieres May 6. It appears like these perfume bottles say GAY GRACE on them. Amazing.


Out comic Kristen Becker and Jay Bakker (son of Tammy Faye!) are hitting the road for Loosen the Bible Belt, a tour for humanity.

Some more on the lesbian death trope that has reemerged lately from EW, Vanity Fair, and our own Dorothy Snarker at The Hollywood Reporter.

Meanwhile, fans are still not happy with The 100‘s Jason Rothenberg and what he had to say about Lexa’s death in his conversation with TV Insider.

The web series Tough Love has a major lesbian character named Blaire, who is played by New York-based actress/comic Blaire Wendel.


Refinery29 was uncomfortable watching Lena Dunham dyke out on Girls this week.

If you go to prison, you definitely won’t be put in the same cell with your partner.

A “former lesbian” speaks out against the SCOTUS marriage decision.

On how friendships between women can erase lesbian visibility.

Ireland’s National Health Service seems to discriminate against same-sex couples with their fertility treatments. The requirements and criteria for providing treatment is that “a couple has to be trying to conceive for three years unsuccessfully or have a medical condition.” Scotland has amended their fertility services to accommodate same-sex couples, so hopefully Ireland will follow suit. 

Speaking of discrimination,  has filed suit against the Boulder’s Parks and Recreations Department, citing “a warm personal relationship with her supervisor turned sour after she served on a panel during LGBT ally training and after she shared that she had recently married her partner of 25 years.” Complaints to the city were found to be “unfounded,” which is why she’s taking on taking on the city who, by the way, fired her while she was on medical leave with breast cancer.

Some bisexual women “answer the questions you were too embarrassed to ask.”

Artsy talks with Wu Tsang about her new film, Duilian, which fictionalizes the life of famous Chinese queer poet and revolutionary Qiu Jin.

“I was staying in Shanghai with these friends who are lesbians and I told them that I was interested in Qiu Jin, that she was rumoured to be a lesbian. They said, ‘That’s crazy! She’s super famous, but we’ve never heard that she’s gay.’ .. It wasn’t even censored. They didn’t even put two and two together. The funny thing was that we were able to find out about it because it was invisible, it didn’t even exist. … Queer histories are always unofficial, always hidden.”


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