“Arrow” recap (4.16): Love Hurts

Previously on Arrow, a pretty crazy pretty lady called Cupid came to town, Captain Lance arrested Damien Darhk, and Felicity got the use of her legs back and immediately used them to walk out on Oliver.

Random aside: I had this song stuck in my head the entire time I wrote this, if you want to get on my level.

This week begins with two people kidnapped, tied to chairs, Cupid singing sweetly to them like the beautiful psychopath she is.

Arrow 416-1Now I want a “Criminal Minds” musical episode.

Cupid makes the couple profess their love for one another, then tells them that “Love is a bullet to the brain.” And kills them dead.

Meanwhile, Damien Darhk is on trial, and his lawyer is trying to convince everyone he’s not the bad guy everyone is making him out to be. The judge asks Laurel for evidence, and she’s not loving this game at all. Being the Black Canary is way more fun than being a lawyer, turns out. Way easier to serve justice.

At the Olicity Loft, Felicity is using her brand new mobility to organize her move out of the apartment. Oliver is watching her buzz around like nothing’s wrong until she accidentally says the word ‘marry’ and has no choice but to face how awkward this all is. She takes advantage of the elephant moving to the center of the room and tells him that he’s in charge of cancelling the venue, she’ll queue up some Alanis and uninvite the guests.

He starts to leave, and she throws out a “See you tonight,” surprising him. She assumed she’ll still be part of the team, and while he hadn’t really thought about it, of course she is. Always.

Arrow 416-2Girl, you ARE the team. Heart and soul.

But the night was quiet on the vigilante front. Laurel comes in and says things are less quiet on the trial front, and the team offers to testify about how they got kidnapped by Darhk a few weeks ago. Laurel likes this, the fiance of a mayoral candidate will garner sympathy; which is when Felicity has to break the news that Olicity is no more.