“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.15): Forgiveness

Viewers: Arizona, no!

Arizona: Arizona, yes.

This is a thing you will find yourself yelling at your TV screen during this week’s episode of Grey’s. Arizona, plucky baby doctor, swinging single lady, dimples for days, can’t keep April’s big secret to herself. We pick up where we were last week, but this time, we see Arizona and Jackson’s conversation. At first, Jackson thinks she’s there to tell him that April knows that he’s dating again, but then an Exorcism-like wave of word vomit spews forth from Arizona. She tells him that April is pregnant, just in time for April to walk in and tell him herself.


Awkwardly waiting elsewhere in the hospital are DeLuca and Richard. They are supposed to have dinner with Maggie, but she has to cancel. She does, however, suggest the two men have dinner together, but each feigns exhaustion and runs the other way. That whole “wildcat” thing is never going to be less weird, is it?

Maggie, pulling a total Maggie, interrupts Meredith and Thorpe as they are flirting outside. I have to say; Meredith still has a wicked flirt. She tells Thorpe she’ll have drinks with him the next day—if she doesn’t change her mind first. Damn, girl! Then she’s off to a multiple organ transplants because what is sleep and who are children?


A furious Jackson and a befuddled April fight about the pregnancy in the lab. April admits she knew about the baby before the divorce but her pager starts blowing up before she can explain more, and she runs off to the triple organ transplant as well. It’s a transplant party up in here!

Owen and Amelia continue their reign of terrifying cuteness which is starting to pull me in, despite my best efforts. Amelia adorably gives him shit about living in that trailer, and Owen reveals that his birthday is coming up, and he wants to have lobsters (and sex) with her.


So this triple transplant is being headed up by Alex, who’s teenage patient is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, which has compromised multiple organs. Kelsey, the patient, is about to get a new set of lungs, liver and pancreas. (I didn’t even know they did pancreas transplants.) It’s a hugely risky surgery, but it’s really Kelsey’s only chance. Kelsey is hesitant, but Alex brings up the fact that she could be well enough to attend her spring formal. That seals the deal.