“Rosewood” recap (1.14): Family

On this week’s episode of Rosewood, TMI was visited by the ghost of terrible moms past, as her own mother shows up at the lab looking for her. For some of you who are new to the show, TMI has not seen her parents in over two years because they refuse to accept her relationship with Pippy, so Pippy’s mother Donna has become more of a mother to TMI than her own.


So when Mrs. Izikoff is suddenly buzzing at the door of the lab to get in, we are all in shock, especially TMI, who runs to greet her while Pippy and Rosie stay downstairs to give them their space. At first, the moment is awkward, considering it has been years since they have seen one another not to mention the way Mrs. Izikoff has treated TMI, it makes sense that the tension is a little high. But then, Mrs. Izikoff admits she is not sure what greeting to use and TMI reaches out and hugs her mom, which was very touching. Okay, maybe this will get better.

IMG_2136 IMG_2134

Mrs. Izikoff asks TMI to go have lunch with her so they can talk, but TMI says she has to work. Then her mom asks if they can go to dinner, which TMI says she can’t because she has dinner plans with Pippy and she’s not going to just rearrange her life because her mom suddenly shows up out of nowhere. Pippy overhears this and interrupts them to tell TMI that it’s ok if they cancel their dinner plans and that dinner with her mom is more important. You can tell TMI is relieved and happy that Pippy said that, as she asks her mom where they should go for dinner with a huge smile on her face. Once her mom leaves, TMI is in such shock and can only repeat the words, “Did that just happen?” It was so sweet.