“Once Upon a Time” SnapCap (5.15): Pirate Problems

SwanQueen Screen Time: 1

In the Sorcerer’s house, our two heroines stood at the Storybook together side by side like they were helming the same ship.

OUAT 515-3All aboard the USS SwanQueen!

SwanQueen Sound Bytes: 2

At Granny’s, while waiting for the Two Idiots to get the key, Regina and Emma actually have an honest-to-goodness one-on-one conversation.

OUAT 515-4“I’m just saying, I’m a lot like Hook, and you’re a lot like Robin.”

OUAT 515-5“So you’re saying we’ve sought out poor substitutes for each other?”

Granted, it’s about boys, but still. Regina tells Emma she’s too good for Hook and not to listen to Liam and to help Hook forgive himself. She knows from personal experience that it can be the hardest part. She even says that she and Hook are alike because Emma has a type.

The second one-on-one interaction happened after the above screenshot where they find the Storybook, and Regina whispers to Emma that she knows now what she meant when she called Liam self-righteous.

OUAT 515-6

Dumbest thing one of the Two Idiots did:
David could have hidden with Snow White or ran out the back door. There was really no reason for him to pretend to be James as long as he did. But Cruella and I were highly entertained by how uncomfortable she made him.