“Once Upon a Time” SnapCap (5.15): Pirate Problems

Special Guests

I guess Liam counts as a guest. Hades is back, of course. Zelena’s likeness. And, the best guest, Cruella.

OUAT 515-7Cheers to you, Ms. De Vil

Emma Swan, your gay is showing

OUAT 515-8That beanie, though.

And I mean, I know beanies aren’t inherently queer, but combined with her swagger and the way she looks at Regina, this beanie felt extra gay to me.


When they first get to the Sorcerer’s house, Emma tells Henry to be the lookout. He starts to throw a fit about it, but Regina tells him firmly not to argue with his mother. When he starts to push back on her, too, she adds, “Or your mother.” It was a two-mom takedown, team parenting at its best.

Mulan sightings

Zilch. Just three more episodes…and it better be worth the wait.

Here are some of our favorite #SwanQueen tweets from this episode: