“Black Sails” recap (3.10): Battle of Wits

Previously on Black Sails, Eleanor pretended to be the Governor while he was unconscious and hanged Vane; Blackbeard found out and set sail; Billy helped Vane’s death mean the beginning of a resistance; and Flint’s war officially kicked off.

Throughout this whole episode, Flint and Silver have a conversation around the hole where Flint buries the treasure chest. It flashes back and forth, but mostly the timing of it doesn’t matter, just the conversation does. We’ll check in on them here and there, but hopefully it doesn’t get too confusing in recap layout.

Flint tells Silver that he’s impressed at how Silver has gotten the people of Maroon island to trust him; for example, the Empress of the island was okay with Flint hiding the treasure and not telling her where it was, as long as Silver was one of the few people who did know.  

Silver tells Flint that he used to think Flint’s anger caused storms, and that maybe that’s an exaggeration but maybe there’s a hint of truth to it. That maybe they’re chasing Flint’s demons. And if he’s going to keep following him, Silver has some questions.

And the fighting begins.

On Jack’s ship, Anne is worried that they’re sailing directly INTO the bedlam.

Black Sails 310-1“Just seems dumb is all.”

They see British ships coming from the east, and the quartermaster wants to retreat, but Mustachio Jack knows Flint would never stand for that. After hearing what kind of fleet it is, he decides to go toward the ships instead.

After some bloody and clever fighting on land, Flint calls his men to retreat under the cloak of smoke bombs. The British captain is ready to chase them, but Hornigold warns him that Flint is smarter than that and that this retreat is part of the plan. The Brit isn’t totally convinced, but that’s why Eleanor sent Hornigold in the first place.

On Nassau, Max goes to see Eleanor to tell her about a letter a gentleman found in his home.

Black Sails 310-2“Things are slipping out of my hands, and I don’t like it.”

The note has a black spot on it and insists they take down Vane’s body from where it hangs in the square. Max says maybe they should listen, but one of the Governor’s men is worried it would look weak. Max would rather be alive and perceived weak than the alternative, but that’s the difference between women and men in charge.

Eleanor agrees with him, though, despite seeming to hate saying so.

Black Sails 310-3“You know I prefer agreeing with you, Max.”

She says that they can’t directly respond to the note, but that they should take the body down after three days.

She’s called back to the governor’s room, and Max is concerned that Eleanor disagreed with her.

Black Sails 310-4“Is it opposite day, or?”

When Eleanor gets to Rogers’ room, he’s awake and looking out the window at Vane’s body. She’s worried about his reaction, knowing how it probably looks to him, but he says that he knows it took courage to do what she did. He says her enemies are his enemies; he’s on her side, much to Eleanor’s relief.

Black Sails 310-5She’s got him right where she wants him.