“The Fosters” recap (3.20): Secrets, secrets hurt someone

Previously on The Fosters, Jack kissed Jude, moved to a new foster home, and then was dead within a day. Mariana confessed she still loves Mat, and he loves her, so it’s just the small problem of the fact they are both dating other people. Gabe, the registered sex offender, helped build all the sets for Brandon’s musical but then got arrested for, you know, being around kids. Justina is the shadiest motherfucker but bought Callie’s support for Shady, Inc. by getting Daphne a job so Daphne could get her daughter back. Monte may lose her job because Sally kissed her and then lied about it.

Fosters 3201God, I wish this were a funeral for Brallie

Pastor Judicorn has brought the family, and inexplicably Justina, Daphne, and Taylor, to the beach to read some scripture and offer comfort that Jack is in heaven now. Callie can’t understand how the guy who abused them ended up with another kid. It’s the system, Justina says. This is why it’s so important for Callie to help her get this bill passed. Justina, go make America great again somewhere else, you shady bastard.

Jude chucks some flowers in the ocean and tells Taylor that Jack was a weird kid. The good kind of weird, you know? Jack maybe wanted to be more than friends but Jude isn’t even sure where he falls on the Kinsey scale. Maybe that thing with Connor was just because Connor is so damn cute and he wore blue nail polish and stuck up for Jude. Taylor asks if maybe Jude might like girls, like maybe the one standing next to him on this beach? Dunno, mate. Haven’t even kissed a girl so how can I know if I like it.

Fosters 3202Just a girl standing next to a Judicorn asking him if he’s bisexual.

The moms can’t believe that all Brandon wants for his birthday is dinner at home. He’s sure, and he’s also sure that he’s big and tough enough to tell his moms that Cortney has a kid and no, they can’t discuss it. God, Brandon, you are insufferable.

Mat and Mariana are having a heart-to-heart in the garage about the relative shittiness of breaking up with their current partners or staying with them while loving someone else. Brandon bounces in and tells them that they aren’t striking the sets because the world has seen his genius and they must have more R+J. The papers are clamoring for it! They must give the public what it wants.