Katie Stevens, Rita Volk and Carter Covington talk last night’s “Faking It”

On last night’s episode of Faking It, Karma and Amy decided to reveal some of each other’s long-kept secrets, and that included an unearthed music video Karma once made called “Hump Day.” 


We asked Katie and Rita about last night’s revealing episode during an MTV press junket last month and saved these tidbits until after fans could see it for themselves.

AfterEllen.com: In the episode, Karma tells Amy she’s been toying with her emotions because she liked the attention. Does that mean Karma will never have feelings for Amy?

Katie Stevens: We don’t know what the writers have planned. I don’t want to say “They’ll never be together” and then a season from now, two seasons from now, they decide “Hey let’s try it.” But I think that that will give more insight to fans—because I get the messages: “Karma, you’re a bitch. Why are you playing with Amy’s feelings?” It’s like, there’s  a reason for it, and I think you see Karma wants to be accepted so much, and the person she’s most accepted by is Amy. And as people, we want to find love as well as friendship, and I think she’s getting both of those things from Amy, even though she doesn’t return or reciprocate those romantic feelings. I think it felt nice to her that she was loved unconditionally by this person in both regards. So, how can you say no to that and especially it’s your person that’s your best friend, the person you can’t imagine losing. So I think that’s the point Karma realizes, “Alright, I either need to let this go and let you go, or I can keep hurting you.”


AE: How did it feel hearing that, Rita?

Rita Volk: I guess when I read that, I understood it. I understand what she saidwe all have this desire to be accepted and loved, especially someone like Karma, who, in the beginning of the series, was very much like “I want to be popular, and I like that attention.” And I think her character has grown so much, but I mean how would you feel hearing that in real life? I guess it’s kind of like, screwed up in a way. It’s like, “You put me through all of this for your own kind of selfish need to feel loved and validated.” But at the same time, I understand because it makes you feel good, and what better way to be loved by someone than to have it be by somebody you’re so close to and that you have this relationship with. So, you know, you understand it, but it doesn’t make it easier. But it’s definitely understandable.


AE: You also embarrass each other a bit in the episode.

KS: How did you like that? How did you like the music video?

RV: It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. It was epic.


AE: It was pretty amazing.

KS: No one else was there that day on set.

RV: How excited are the fans going to be about that?

KS: That’s what I say, fans on Twitter and Instagram, everyone under al my pictures is like “You’re so beautiful, do you ever take a bad picture?” I’m like, “Just you wait!” They’re like “Can you ever look ugly?” I’m like, “Yes! I got it for you right here.”


AE: Very high production value, though!

KS: I was talking with [showrunner] Carter [Covington] about it, and we kind of came up with this story of she went to this place that like makes music videos for people, and they have sets. That’s why she ends up with a camel in the video. But I did those.

RV: I don’t know what that video was. I don’t know what the inspiration was, but it was amazing.

KS: At DisneyWorld they had this thing, at least when I was little, where you could go in, and you could record a song and make a music video, so that’s what it was. 


AE: Less elaborate, but still! That had to be fun.

KS: And what’s hilarious is the person who choreographed the dancing I do in it choreographed Magic Mike. She came in, and I was like “I’m so sorry. You spent hours upon hours watching sexy Channing Tatum do stuff, and now you have to do this, but whatever!” She was like, “No, it’s so much fun!”


AE: Is it hard to not look sexy and be really cheesy?

KS: No that was so easy.

RV: [laughs] That was definitely easy for her not to be sexy!

KS: It was really easy. Did you see my braces? They were a retainer that are specifically molded for my mouth so I can wear them whenever I want.


AE: And see? Amy still loved Karma through it.

KS: But it’s funny because I had so much fun making that video. It was just something that was supposed to be ridiculous and embarrassing, and I’m just gonna give zero shits. So that’s what I did.

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