“Arrow” recap (4.17): The Bee’s Knees

Previously on Arrow, Felicity went to Central City to stop a girl who could control little tech bees, Felicity was given an implant to help her walk again, and Felicity left the team because being around Oliver was just too hard. Spoiler alert, this episode is about Felicity.

We open in prison, where the Queen Bee is tip tapping and hacking into the security system, bumping up her release date to right about now.

In Star City, Team Arrow training is in full swing. Oliver points out everyone’s flaws and knocks them all down. He wants to go again, but the girls are tired.

Arrow 417-1“Listen, we have plenty of roommate…workouts…”

They remind Oliver that the streets have been quiet since Darhk was arrested and that they should take it easy. Before Oliver can argue more, Thea gets a text from Alex saying he got a job offer from Mrs. Darhk; Laurel suggests he applies to Palmer Tech because she heard there was a PR opening…from…somewhere… The girls get an awkward look on their faces, but Oliver doesn’t mind that they’re still holding Feminists of Flarrow Book Club with Felicity. In fact, he’s happy about it. So happy he makes a Harry Potter reference, which is about as happy as it gets.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity is worried that the chip that made it possible for her to walk again will be too expensive to be accessible, and will be battling against execs who would love that very fact. Felicity is in the middle of sending feverish Curtis home when Mama Smoak swoops in, in all her glory, spelling “break-up” wrong and asking her for some mother/daughter time. Felicity is already overwhelmed when suddenly Thea comes in to ask about Alex. Felicity decides to put off her board meeting to talk to the ladies because she’s salty about their backward priorities.

Quick check-in on Darhk. Malcolm goes to visit him in prison and tells him that HIVE is going forward with Genesis, but has no plans to save him. So Darhk manipulates a fellow inmate to get a message out instead.

In the Arrow Cave, Laurel talks to Oliver to make sure he’s doing okay.

Arrow 417-2Remember when Laurel was the worst? And now she’s the best.

He’s mad at himself for not bouncing back from this like he has multiple brushes with death, but this is a different kind of pain, a deeper kind, a kind that can’t be healed with Advil and a hot bath. But she’s there for him if she needs him; he doesn’t have to go through this alone.

The Palmer Tech board starts to get antsy when suddenly a man name Phil starts to bleed from the mouth and then BEES FLY OUT OF HIM. The Queen Bee hacks the computer feeds and tells them she wants a microchip, but they tell her that the only working one is inside Felicity.

So Queen Bee hacks her way into Felicity’s office, who panics at the idea of someone else inside her mainframe without her permission.

Arrow 417-3It really puts a bee in her bonnet, so to speak.

Felicity knows the girl’s name, Brie Larvin, and know that she’s after the chip in her spine. Brie jams communication and swarms the entire building with tiny mechanical bees.