UK show “Coronation Street” gives Sophie a “lesbian fling”

Several sources have reported over the weekend that UK soap opera Coronation Street will be featuring a “lesbian fling” storyline in the near future. The ITV show’s character, Sophie Webster (played by Brooke Vincent), is 16-year-old born-again Christian with a boyfriend, but is rumored to drop him for a bible study gal pal in the near future.

Soap operas are finally getting it together, apparently. Lesbians exist and also have sordid lives? It’s true. Did we ask to be a part of this drama? Maybe we were better left out of it all. Seriously, soap opera relationships end in bizarre deaths, resurrections and evil twin appearances.

But it’s still admirable that, as Pink News reports, the people behind Coronation Street“want to create a soap representative of society in 2009 and they are acutely aware that they need more gay characters and that they need to tackle more gay issues.”


So while things might not go so well in the end (I’m sorry, I’m pessimistic about soap opera relationships. Too many years of Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless watching has given me that outlook), at least we know it’s not because it was a couple of young gay ladies — it’s because no one stays together for long — except maybe Otalia.

Wishful thinking!