“Once Upon A Time” recap (5.17): Nobody bites like Gaston

I was so excited when it was going to be a Belle-centric episode. But then I saw it was called Her Handsome Hero, and I knew I should lower my expectations. While there were some parts of this episode where you could see glimmers of the old, clever Belle we once knew and loved, this episode was mostly about everyone repeating their own mistakes over and over and over.

There was a shining light at the end of the tunnel, though, so let’s get to it.

First off, there was a clip in the “previously on” with Gaston and Belle, and I didn’t remember any of it, but it happened in Season 1 before I started recapping so I’ll give myself a pass on that one. Long story short, Rumpelstiltskin killed Gaston so he could have Belle all to himself.

We start with a flashback in which Belle’s father tries to get her to agree to consider meeting and marrying Gaston, but she’s heard about this Gaston and how many eggs he eats a day and wants nothing to do with it.

OUAT 517-1“Me? The wife of that boorish, brainless…”

But it’s too late because her father already invited him over, and here he is. Gaston turns up the charm and tries to pretend like he’ll go away if she asks him too, so she agrees to go on a walk with him for her father’s sake.

In the present-day Underworld, Belle goes to Gold for help but doesn’t want him to use dark magic. She says it’s her way or no way at all, but he doesn’t look like he’s down for this plan.

In the graveyard, Emma tries to use her magic to erase the names on the gravestones when a storm hits and something that came out of the storm snatches Snow White. Emma snaps awake and realizes it’s just a bad dream and that there’s work to be done.

She goes down to the library and hugs her mother extra tight when she sees her. Regina sasses her and asks for Emma’s help. She had put Runes on the elevator to try to break through Hades’ spell, and she needs Emma to make magic with her.


They get the elevator open, but they hit a wall. Literally. Emma asks about burning their names off the gravestones, and Regina said she looked for that kind of spell but didn’t find one, and Emma says one came to her in a dream. So Regina says she’ll meet Emma at the graveyard after she talks to her sister.