Chely Wright talks about country music’s homophobia problem on CNN

Since coming out in 2010, musician Chely Wright has been a voice of progress in the country music community. She was a guest on CNN’s New Day this week, talking with host Michaela Pereira about why the genre has had such a difficult time with LGBT acceptance.

“It’s scary as a country music artist, it’s..scary because…by and large our fan base is the bedrock of their lives is faith, family and country,” Chely said. “[W]hat I need to continue to talk about and encourage my contemporaries in country music to discuss is that those are the bedrocks of my life still. I’m a married woman. I have identical twin boys who will be three, God help me, next month. And faith is and always has been a big part of my life. So, I think that—I know that there are some like-minded artists in country music. I know because I’ve talked to them privately. And I think their reticence in coming forward and not just saying I love all of my gay fans, I don’t judge, I love the sinner, hate the sin, that’s so 2010.”