“Call the Midwife” recap (5.3): The Case of the Missing Lesbians

Last night on Twitter, a fan told me that the PBS airings of Call the Midwife had cut some Patsy/Delia scenes. I later confirmed this online when I watched an original BBC version of the episode. So were these Patsy/Delia scenes cut for time or cut for lesbian content? I think we all know the answer to that question, don’t we?

What the fuck, PBS? Are you seriously cutting Pupcake scenes to make room for Fred gardening? Or a prayer montage? Or yet another church parade about bonnets and the like? This is especially disappointing, as 5.3 was a really strong Patsy episode, which we don’t get very many of. I guess the only queer scenes PBS will let us see are of these two homos:


From now on, I’ll be recapping the unedited, original versions of the series. Is this the first time that PBS has censored queer content? This only lends credence to my theory that Lady Mary and Anna were secret lovers on Downton Abbey. Jesus tap-dancing Christ, it’s 2016. Show us some goddamn happy lesbians!

downtonAm I the only one who shipped MaryAnna?

Anyhoo, we open in the Poplar, in a row of tenement flats where kids play, and families converse, and babies are passed through windows to outdoor toilets. The matriarch of the tenement, Nana Meg, makes toast for the neighborhood kids, checks in on the elderly gent next door, and watches proudly as her granddaughter Jeanette gives birth to her first great-grandchild. Jeanette and her husband Bennie are thrilled with their healthy baby girl, named Marina.

Call1A new baby? Run it down the clothesline and into the outhouse!

Barb runs into Tom, who has won a dinner for two at an Indian restaurant in a raffle. He invites her to come with him, and she readily agrees before running into Trixie. Barb immediately wonders how to break the news to Trixie that she’s dining with her ex-fiancee. Come on, girl. Ovaries before brovaries.

Across town, Sister Winifred visits a classroom of adorable school children and gives them some bandages to play with. Sister Winnie was a teacher before she took her vows, and tells the current teacher Miss Whitmore that she misses it sometimes. Miss Whitmore promptly passes out, and Winnie rushes to her aid.

Call2I guess this is what kids did before the internet