“Orphan Black” recap (4.03): Digging for Answers

Previously on Orphan Black, Donnie accidentally killed Leekie then he and Alison buried him in the garage, Helena purposefully killed some gangsters who threatened babies, Rachel got kidnapped by her supposedly-dead mother, and Sarah found out she had a Neolution maggotbot in her cheek.

Rachel, still in her secret location, is getting an eye exam, exercising speech therapy by sassing her examiner. Her examiner, the Castor clone. She tries to goad him into giving her information on why she hasn’t seen Professor Duncan in six weeks, but this clone wasn’t raised with his brothers, so his male ego isn’t QUITE as fragile as the other Castors were.

Orphan Black 403-1The bitch is back!

During the entire exam, Rachel is chatting with little Charlotte, who is wise beyond her years, and learning a lot in her internet classes. But she turns away when Rachel receives her pigment treatment because it involves a NEEDLE THROUGH THE EYE.

Next up is physical therapy, where Charlotte talks about rocks while Rachel tries to walk using some rails. Rachel eventually falls—and oh, how far she’s fallen—and her mother appears to help her up. Rachel doesn’t take the woman’s hand, though, and basically tells her where to shove it.

Over at Rabbit Hole comics, the owner, Hell Wizard, is playing a game with Kira, but she’s unfocused. She says she always knows when things are bad, even when they don’t tell her, and it’s starting to bug her.

Downstairs, Scott and Cosima are using their science equipment to study the maggotbot in Sarah’s cheek the best they can without rupturing it and making it eat Sarah’s face. Cosima is stumped.

Orphan Black 403-2But cute as hell.

There’s a non-organic core, and she thinks it has some kind of anesthetic where it attaches, but other than that, she has only guesses. Cosima (who is coughing by the way…) apologizes to Sarah, but she doesn’t know how to get more answers.

Sarah’s plan is to find Dizzy, the guy who showed her the video when he thought she was MK. When she gets upstairs, she sees that Kira has knocked the entire game off the table, but she doesn’t pay it much attention before sweeping out of the store.

Cosima has Donnie check Alison for a maggotbot, but she doesn’t seem to have one. Alison asks if all Neolutionists have one, and Cosima thinks so, which gives Alison an idea.

Orphan Black 403-3Just casually thinking about dead bodies while swishing her mouth out.

After she hangs up, she tells Donnie that they’re digging up Leekie’s body. For Sarah. She tells Donnie to go rent a jackhammer, and he suggests they just go ahead and invest in one. They don’t tend to have “second body half off” sales at Home Depot.