“The Family” recap (1.11): Even More Terrible Plans

Meyer gets the voiceover: “Some stories you know the ending to before they’re even written,” she says. Well, that’s because sometimes suspense shows telegraph they’re punches.

Doug, who turned himself in last week, is in the interview room and Meyer seems to be happy to mess with him. She says she gets to keep him for 36 hours before she has to charge him with anything. She keeps him there for 14 hours while she grills him, taunting him about how difficult it must be to stay in a confined space for so long.

Meyer asks Doug if he has to take a pill to have sex with Jane or if he just pictures a little boy. Holy crap. She theorizes on who must have groomed Doug to turn him into someone who could keep a little boy in a pit. Doug counters that he knows Meyer can’t afford to get the wrong guy twice. And he knows he’s already on Hour 35.

Ben is in Willa’s room watching her sleep. Eeeek. He asks her about confession. She says you confess your sins, you get a penance, and then you’re absolved. He wants to know if it works, and Willa says not for everything. (Do you confess ongoing things, like an illicit lady-lady relationship?) Ben says he didn’t mean to scare her and leaves. Willa locks her damn door, because yikes.

Ep 11 Pic 1

Ben leaves his new polling place with Claire as the teeming hordes of Red Pines reporters fight to know how he voted. If only they knew that he has just committed voter fraud. John and Danny compliment his performance as a Political Kid. John gets a call from Nina: They want Adam to ID Doug. Does it really seem like a good idea for Nina to contact John first when everyone in creation knows they had an affair? I guess it’s awkward either way.

Jane hacksaws at Clements’ shackles. It’s not working. After a back-and-forth about whether Doug, who they know kept at least one boy in a hole for 10 years, could murder someone, Clements asks her to get a clean towel and rubber bands and a bunch of whiskey and some ice because he wants her to cut off his thumbs. Holy crap. Also, Clements, I hope you have really thought out the measurements of this, because it would suck to get your thumbs cut off and still not be able to get out of the shackles.

(Look at your hands: Would this even work? It seems like you would have to go real, real low on where the thumb attaches for it to even come close to working. I think we might have the ultimate terrible plan here on Terrible Plans.)

Ben looks at a lineup that Doug is in. He says he wants the man to say “bracelet” and “key,” because Doug called the shackle his bracelet and made him toss him the key. But Ben doesn’t just identify Doug, who we know he’s seen in full light several times. So why does he bother using significant words? Ben says “Wait” after Doug speaks, but then says it’s not the guy. What is Ben’s arrangement with Doug, exactly? If he’s just scared, I can think of a real easy way to make sure Doug stays in police custody. And it’s mutually assured destruction if Doug reveals who ben is. Meyer is all what the HELL, but Claire stops her. Ben says he’s done and the guy isn’t there and he wants to go home. Meyer is pissed.

Ten years ago, Hank, a popular and admired accountant, is in his old office. He skips lunch plans with the dudes to sit in his car and stare at boys playing soccer.

Back at home in the present, Hank can’t figure out why he’s not on the news being hailed as a hero. He calls a news station pretending he’s from the police and tells them there’s been a break in the Adam Warren case and that the tip came from Hank Asher–he bothers to spell the name.