The 12 Worst TV Ex-Girlfriends Ever

Sometimes things don’t work out between two people. That’s fine—we’re all humans with different wants and needs. Some people we click with romantically, some people we don’t. We have a fantastic ability, as queer women, to stay friends with some exes but others are just not the kind of people you want to have in your life. 

Here are 12 TV ex-girlfriends that are perfect examples of not being worthy of your time. Should you find any of these qualities in your exes IRL, RUN.

Gabby Deveaux (The L Word)gabby

You know the woman who cheated on you but then you find out has also dated someone you know’s girlfriend and later, another girl you slept with? Yeah, that’s Gabby Deveaux. You can’t get away from her. No one can.

Tammy (Transparent)trans-tammy

The kind of narcissist who is not self-aware enough to realize she is one. Charming at first, but eventually, insufferable. Easily infatuated by shiny objects.

Sarah (Transparent)sarah

Owns her narcissism yet continues to lack empathy unless it could benefit her in some way. Will totally call of the wedding during your reception.

Ali (Transparent)2Transparent8.2

Will make you feel like the only girl in the world until she begins to explain to you why the concept of monogamy is so LIMITING! Commitment-phobe; chameleon.

Jeri (Jessica Jones)JessicaJones_S1E05_3

The kind of power lesbian you cannot trust around a young, beautiful woman, even if you are a beautiful, successful woman who has everything going for you and doesn’t deserve this! Lacks morals, generally.

Bonnie (Mom)mom

Willing to feign romantic and sexual interest in you to get what she wants, which is (in no particular order) attention, a drink, a place to stay for her and her kid. Also willing to sleep with you once more later in life, just to break your heart all over again.

Clarice (Chicago Fire)clarice

She pops up pregnant, ready to start an insta-family with you when…psych! She’s actually going back to her husband now.

Devon (Chicago Fire)CF 2067

Has zero qualms about robbing you and your roommates after a night of passionate sex. She will cause friction between you with said roommates/friends and even if she’s super hot, the stress isn’t worth it, so even when she apologizes and explains why she needed the money, you just can’t get over how she screwed you.

Barbara (Gotham)babs

An emotional cheater, she eventually just becomes plain evil. Murdering her parents evil. Stay far away. Move. Change your number. 

Reagan (New Girl)regan

She will start avoiding you once she’s lost interest and make you feel like a stalker when you track her down and demand answers. And that’s if you can find her. She’s a ghoster, girl. Don’t be a ghost hunter.

Kitty (Tipping the Velvet)tipping1

She may really love you, but she’s willing to give it up for power, money and fame. So, is that love? NO. NO, IT’S NOT.


She’s an unapologetic alcoholic who says every single thing that comes into her head. Not fun for private or public functions. You literally can’t take her anywhere.