“Rosewood” recap (1.20): Mitchie the Mansplainer

I am officially annoyed with Mitchie hanging around Pippy and TMI all the time. When is he going to leave? No, but seriously—when is he going to leave? He was hired to help Rosie, but he’s become the third wheel around the girls, and frankly, it’s insulting.

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With that said, everyone seems to tolerate Mitchie except for TMI. He is awkward, annoying and oversteps his boundaries any chance he can get. He continually is trying to “teach” TMI and Pippy something new because apparently he is also one of the best pathologists in Miami. In the first five minutes of the episode, he brings the girls food, trying to encourage them to attend a seminar with him. TMI declares, “We can’t be bought with food,” to which Pippy says, yes, they can. Come on, Pippy, open your eyes! He’s a creep!

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Later that day Mitchie is using some downtime (aka no dead body to work on) to “teach” TMI and Pippy something about pathology. Although Pippy is eager to learn something or be quizzed on what she knows, TMI is thoroughly annoyed at Mitchie thinking they don’t know the simplest things, and basically finds him to be like an annoying fly buzzing around her head. Then she smiles as he is walking away, which throws me into severe paranoia. “This is it,” I told my dogs. “She is going to leave Pippy for this dude, and I am going to lose my shit.”

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Here’s the thing: I am actually not as upset about the fact that there he is a man trying to break up TMI and Pippy as much as I am about the fact that it isn’t a woman. Is it so impossible to have a recurring character be a gay black woman (Cassie aka Tia Mowry) that he must be a straight white man? This is where the insult comes in.


Once TMI tells Mitchie that she is not interested in him being her mansplainer all day, she finds him later to tell him that she was sorry for being hard on him and that maybe learning new things from him wouldn’t be such a bad thing. He says he feels like they have a lot in commonthey’re  both outsiders. TMI snaps out of it and says she’s not an outsider; she is engaged to Pippy and is very much a part of the Rosewood family. Then she storms off angry, and I am thrilled because maybe the fear I had of Mitchie hitting on TMI was all in my head.

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That evening while working on a body, Pippy tells TMI that she needs to give Mitchie a chance because he knows what he is doing and he is friends with Rosie, even though he is annoying AF. This was a bad move on Pippy’s part IMO, but TMI says “OK, fine.” So, later that evening, TMI approaches Mitchie and tells him that he hurt her feelings when he called her an outsider, and she’s sorry if she hasn’t been very supportive of him. He thinks this means TMI wants to make out with him and proceeds to try and lay one on her.

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TMI tells him “NO THANK YOU!” and then Pippy comes in, not having a clue that the dude she has been rooting for is macking on her girl. She’s happy everyone is getting along.

And that’s it. Now we wait until next week to see what other ways they can intertwine Mitchie with Pippy and TMI, so we never see them without him again. It’s bad enough there is not a lot going on with TMI and Pippy these days, but now we have to make a man part of their storyline every single scene? No thanks.