“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.23): Goodbye to You

It’s that time of year again. That time where our beloved shows start cramming all their unfinished storylines together to make room for their season finales. Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy was unusually disjointed, especially if you compare it to last week’s rather excellent Callie and Arizona-centric episode. So what happened on the penultimate episode? Let’s break it down.

It’s time to let go

Grey’s is a show full of deaths and goodbyes, yet for some reason, it’s the exit of Derek’s beloved Airstream trailer that feels oh so heavy. That trailer now belongs to Owen, where he’s lived since his break-up with Cristina. Now that he and Amelia have been getting closer, he’s decided to sell it and buy his own house without wheels. Meredith watches it drive away, and she’s hit with a pain she didn’t anticipate. It opens up old wounds, in a way that Meredith doesn’t quite know how to articulate to her friends.


Richard, excited that his wife will soon be in town, invites Jackson, Bailey and Ben over for a dinner party. The tension in the elevator is thick, since Ben and Bailey are barely talking, and only Bailey holds the recipe to the famous spinach and artichoke dip.

In surgery, Amelia can’t wait to share the news of Owen’s big new purchase with Maggie. A conversation about Amelia helping Owen pick out furniture escalates quickly to hypothetical weddings and kids. Damn, that was fast. What a bunch of lezzes. Amelia’s all smiles and giggles when she sees Meredith afterwards. Meredith is still feeling the weight of the trailer pulling on her heart, so she’s in no mood.

Oh Alex, my dear, cranky but loveable Alex. This season hasn’t given you much of a storyline has it. Well, here you go! You’ve got 50 minutes. The grandmother of one of Alex’s patients is taken by his bedside manner and good doctoring, and can’t believe he’s not already married or even engaged. She tells him to call her unmarried daughter, just in case. He tells Meredith, and she informs him about the Amelia/Owen marriage talk, but they are interrupted by an a man carrying an unconscious teen. He passed out while in the middle of Driver’s Training, though luckily he wasn’t the teen driving.

Kyle is still in the hospital, recovering from an infection in his brain, and Steph continues to not-so-stealthily stalk him. Jo lets her see his chart, but as Steph peruses it, she hears a loud clanking. She runs to Kyle’s room to find that he’s taken a spill in the way to the bathroom. He’s all dizzy and weak, and not happy to see Steph, especially when he starts to vomit. He doesn’t want her there, but she tells him that he will need a support system there, even if it’s not her.


The kids who passed out in Driver’s Ed tells Meredith that he’s had strep throat, but he’s fine. Mer’s worried since strep usually doesn’t cause people to black out. She looks in his throat and finds his tonsils have abscesses. His driving teacher is also his mom’s boyfriend, and the kid lets it slip that his mom was planning on dumping him anyway. Things get awkward fast when the mom arrives, and the teen would rather get those abscesses drained than listen to those two fight.

Steph is concerned about Kyle’s course of treatment, but Amelia is getting pretty tired of having to defend herself. She once again reminds Steph that she is to have nothing to do with Kyle’s case, and it’s time to back off. In Kyle’s room, his sister and mother have arrived. At first, the mood is good, until Steph interrupts Amelia and decides to caution them all about Kyle’s condition. As soon as they find out that she’s the one who broke Kyle’s heart, they banish her from the room.


Maggie and Riggs have been working together quite well lately, especially now that Riggs has learned what surgeries Maggie doesn’t like, and defers to her authority. Well, that and he carries around a box of bacon with him.