“Orphan Black” recap (4.05): Oh, Baby

Previously on Orphan Black, Krystal was a beautician with a heart stronger than her acrylic nails, Felix found who he believes is his biological sister even though Sarah is dubious, and Donnie and Felix pretended to be a couple to investigate Bright Born, a shady Neolutionist organization run by Evie Cho.

We open with Krystal kickboxing. As usual, she’s spilling all of her feelings, telling her trainer about how she got kidnapped by twins once.

Orphan Black 405-1She’s the person who always sits next to me on the bus from New York to Boston.

She says that she’s been conducting research, an investigation to learn more about the twins that attacked her, and easily lays out her giant trainer while a song sings about her being a Warrior plays in the background.

At the safehouse, Kira teaches Sarah how to paint as they work on a mural on the wall. Sarah gets a text from Helena telling her not to worry, and Kira assumes this means she has to go, like it always does, but Sarah is determined to spend one day with her daughter, one full solid day without having to run away to cloneswap or steal something or run for her life.

Mrs. S asks Sarah if she saw the flow-chart Alison sent over, and Sarah notices that Gene Connection, the service Felix used to find his biological family, is connected to Neolution, and Sarah gets SO EXCITED that she might be right about Adele being shady.

Orphan Black 405-2She’s lost sight of what she’s hoping for.

Mrs. S tries to keep her calm, insisting it could be a coincidence, but Sarah is wound as tight as the fabric around her ponytail.

Cosima and Alison are on the phone, and Cosima says Bright Born is a little off the grid, meaning not even the Science Side of Tumblr has any info on them. (They DO however know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.) Cosima notices that there’s a Bright Born orientation today, and Alison is frazzled because Sarah won’t do it and she has so many envelopes to stuff. Cosima says she knows more about the science so she’ll just do it. She even says, “Put me in, coach,” like a good little lesbian.

Orphan Black 405-3Though I can’t imagine Cosima being very good at softball.

So the new act is, Cosima is Donnie and Felix’s surrogate. Donnie has questions about his character’s motivation, but she doesn’t have time to give her expert acting tips to a pleb like Donnie.